How He Found Me

Picture me, 24, it’s 2010 and I’m fed up with entertaining guys who lie about their intentions just so they can get my attention.  I’ve been home in the United States for a few months now from Spain and I had just moved into my own apartment that summer.  It’s now the beginning of fall and I’m excited to have started a new chapter in my life.  The chapter where I focus on enjoying my singlehood and my relationship with Jesus Christ.  I figured I had better start enjoying these things now as I knew Mr. Right could be coming any day and I didn’t want to miss being single once he came along, not one bit!  I figured he could be a while though so I decided to forget about the fact that I truly wanted to be a wife and mother one day.  I got lost in my passion for Jesus Christ and in just having fun as a single.  

By the end of September, I can recall sitting in a Bible Study one night and there was a new face there.  Our church was fairly small so it was pretty easy to notice when someone knew was visiting.  It was a guy, with a caramel complexion, small, noticeable grey hair and…was he cute? I honestly didn’t care.  I saw that he was new, waived hello and focused on the lesson.  I never asked anyone who he was, and I didn’t really care to know.  Most people in our church were married so I assumed he was as well.  He didn’t look my age, but he didn’t look old either.  I saw him once, and then another week in Bible Study after that. I still didn’t really care to find out who he was. 

That Sunday as I was greeting everyone in my church as I normally did, one of our Elders asked if I had met his son.  I said no because I had no idea who he was referring to.  He told me who he was and I realized then, who the guy was that was in Bible Study.  He was the son of two elders in my church.  Interesting… I thought. 

The third time that I saw him..a Wednesday night, after Bible Study, he was outside as I was leaving to go to my car.  He approached me as I was leaving and he said “Hey! I’m new to the area.  Is there anything fun that people do around here?  Stuff for singles?”  I hesitated and then I replied, “well, I think our sister church has a Singles Ministry that has events and outings.”  He said “Oh, ok.”  I had to go.  So we told each other to take care and he waived good-bye as I went to my car.  

That night I had a new friend request on my Facebook account.  From the connections, I finally realized that it was him.  His name was Harroll Washington.  I accepted because I knew who he was now.  Over the course of the next few days, I noticed he liked a few of my statuses and then, he messaged me.   We started talking about things to do in the area again and I learned that he was into personal training.  When I found out how old he was, I thought he could be good for my mom.  (My mom had me pretty young…when she was about to be 17 years old…they were the same age, so naturally this made sense, right?) 

It didn’t go as planned to hook them up.  I never ended up introducing them or anything, but I believe it was the next day that we were messaging each other again on Facebook and he was about to go to the gym to work out.  I said I should go one day and that day ended up being that night.  We exchanged numbers so that we could meet up at the gym. When I got there, once we started cardio, I learned that it wasn’t my mom that he had been interested in getting to know, it was me!  I couldn’t believe it!  We worked out and talked, and worked out and talked some more as he showed me different exercises on different equipment.  By the end of the workout, which lasted a few hours maybe with all the talking we had done in between…I realized that not only was this guy attractive, but he was extremely straight forward and genuine.  I liked that about him.  We continued our conversation on the phone after the gym.  We stayed on the phone talking the entire night!  When I woke up the next morning with the phone on my hear, I knew He Found Me….
Thanks for reading our story! Where did you meet the one?  Are you still waiting for that one?  I’d love to hear your comments!  Until next time!


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  • So great to read this. God is good ! Wishing you and your hubby lots of blessings and many many happy years together.

  • I can't believe you wanted to hook him up with your mom!! Girl, you crack me up!

  • Brittnei Washington

    Thanks so much for reading this post, Chan! And thank you for the well wishes and blessings!

  • Brittnei Washington

    Michelle, we laugh at that every time we think about it! It just made sense at the time. They both have been married before, both have 3 kids and they were the same age! Could you blame me? I was so busy not looking for the One anymore that I forgot to think that he could be interested in me hahaha! We also joke about the fact that in his eyes I was so hard to get. He thought for sure he would never get me when I brought up the idea of hooking him up with my mom! :)

  • Great story love the share! Started following you via bloglovin :)

  • Brittnei Washington

    Thank you so much for stopping by and reading our story! :)

  • I love that you put an emphasis on "he found me". I think a lot of women forget to be chased and admired. "He who findeth a wife…" It doesn't anything about women finding the perfect man. Congrats to you and your husband on finding love the good ole fashioned way!

  • Brittnei Washington

    Thanks so much, girl! I think it's in the Bible that way because it's God's way. Many don't see it that way but we do! xoxo

  • That was so incredibly adorable! It's awesome how God works. One day, I'll finish and post my story with my husband. I know it was only HIM that brought us together.

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