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After the response I received from my post Does the Blog World Have Color Barriers, it really made me start thinking about blogging etiquette.

Etiquette is something that exists when it comes to how we handle people in our everyday lives.  I believe it’s what keeps people nice, patient and supportive to one another. As a society, I feel like sometimes we lose the value in this because we have become more self indulgent and with technology making things easier to obtain, it makes everyone want everything now or should I say yesterday.
So I started to wonder, even though we may feel like things are ok in our personal parts and persectives of this life, could we in fact be the reason that someone doesn’t feel welcome in the blog world?  Here are some things that I’ve picked up on since I started writing on this space called a blog: 
I know you may be a superstar in the blogosphere. Your following is high and your comments are plenty, but did you take the time to notice the new person that stopped by your blog today? 
Replying to the person’s comment is half the battle.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, installing a comment system that sends your reader an email with your reply is still a wonderful gesture.  I just want to know if you remember when you had only 2 comments on your blog as opposed to the average 30 that is showing now on each of your posts?  Going back to that reader’s blogging space to provide some support by not only reading what they are posting but commenting on it can go a long way. 
On the other hand, when you see a blogger has umpteen comments and a lot going on at his or her blog, it may be an indication that this person has a full schedule. People also have real life to live.  Perhaps taking the time to comment on more than one post, will ensure that you stand out to them as someone new who they need to go back and support.  And in many cases, I have found that people have noticed me.  They just need a minute to come over and engage. 
I mean ultimately, many want to make money blogging or become known in the blog world, but are you too famous to follow the bloggers who follow you even sometimes? Many bloggers are trying to increase their followings in order to be able to work with brands and sponsors. Can’t you remember what it was like to have a small following? It can feel like a lifetime will have to pass before you will have a large one. You can always like a Facebook fan page back, follow back on Twitter or even add bloggers into your circles on Google Plus after he or she adds you.  Do I have to mention saying thank you when someome shares your content or retweets you? These little things, I believe, can go a very long way not only in showing blog etiquette but in starting connections and showing support for others bloggers. 
I think we can all agree that blogging takes time and effort.  It’s one thing to be able to gain a lot of followers through participating in linky parties and giveaways, but it takes a really diligent person to cultivate those followers into readers and relationships.  
You don’t have to put it in your comment but maybe we should all ask ourselves, are we practicing blogging etiquette?
What are your thoughts about this? What are some ways that you interact with your readers and other bloggers to make them feel welcome to connect with you?
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