Lullabytes #Baby Sleep Aid App Review

Lullabytes Baby Sleep Aid App

Lullabytes is a baby sleep aid app that you can use on your iPhone or iPad.  When a wonderful blogger I know asked me to take a look at this app and post a review, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if it could help me because my son is already 20 months old.  Boy was I wrong!

Now, I am obsessed with the symphonic concert music option because I find it to be extremely soothing not only for JR when he is screaming because we have been night weaning him from the breast, but for me as well.  I’m often exhausted and becoming very impatient with him when it’s that hour that he definitely needs to get to bed and fall asleep.  Because my son was used to nursing to sleep, it has been a bit of a process to get him to just relax, lay next to me and put himself to sleep.  The Lullabytes app has really helped him to wind down and fall asleep.


Lullabytes Music Selections



I believe that this could work perfectly for toddlers and especially babies.  You know how you might have been told that you can put your baby in the car seat on the dryer to get him or her to sleep?  How about that nice mobile music that is played for them in the crib or bassinet?  Lullabytes allows you to select from a variety of music and noises to help aid your baby to sleep.


Lullabytes Review



Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your little one’s sleeping patterns because you want to ensure he or she is getting enough zzz’s?  The Lullabytes App has a feature that helps you to record it in the sleep diary section.  I stumbled upon an additional feature by accident because I’ll admit, I started using the app in a hurry.  I planned to look at the settings and learn what it could do prior to actually starting to use it, but an emergency situation where a cranky toddler wanting to proceed with night time nursing pretty much got me using it prior to me doing all of that.  Let’s say your baby falls asleep for several hours and all is well but suddenly wakes up and begins to whimper and cry.  The Lullabytes app has a sound sensitivity so if the baby starts crying, the sound or music that you had previously been playing will resume automatically!  No matter the phase of sleeping habits you are in or if you are trying any sleeping through the night techniques with your baby or toddler, the Lullabytes app is really handy and can help you through it all, getting your child to a wonderful, peaceful sleep.

These are all great features right?  But the best part is this app is FREE!  So, head over to iTunes and download the Lullabytes app so you can be on your way to getting a happier, more rested baby starting tonight!  :)

Disclaimer: No company has given me any compensation or products to review this post.  I downloaded this app for free because I wanted to.  All opinions and experience discussed is my own.

What are some things that you have tried to get your little one to sleep?

Would you ever use an app like this to help aid your baby or toddler to sleep?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  • I seriously might have to give this a try! I have the natural station downloaded on Pandora, but it never works for my son. He's quite high maintenance many nights when it's bedtime and this app might really help. Maybe it'll help during that 3 A.M. feeding in which he always manages to end up in my husband's and I bed, instead of in his own. He's a clever little bugger, but maybe I can get a step ahead of him with this app.

    • Brittnei Washington

      Tenns! You would be the perfect person to try this for sure! I wonder which type of noise your little guy would like. You can try so many of them. He seems young enough to where you could start to get him used to some things still, too. I hope it works out for you!

  • Looks like a really great app and I know when Emma was at her worst with sleeping as a baby, I tried just about everything and if this existed would have totally tried it, too!!
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  • Looks like a great app. I don't use apps to help me to sleep or Madison. I bought her this sleep sheep when she was younger and she loved it. It didn't help her to sleep but she loved hearing the sounds. :)
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    • Brittnei Washington

      Madison is so cute and funny. Toddlers usually make me laugh. I'm not sure if my son knows he likes the sounds on this one but when he's not being so stubborn and just gives into falling asleep it really helps to get him there. :)

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