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How Do I Transfer My Intense Debate Comments in Blogger to my WordPress Blog

Guess what? I wrote another guest post! After my experience with transferring from Blogger to WordPress, Janine from J9 Designs, asked me to write a post about my findings on how to transfer my Intense Debate comments in Blogger to WordPress.  You might find it hard to believe, but it wasn’t easy figuring out how to do this.  I’m excited to share with you all how I did it and I hope someone who is looking for how to do it in the future can land on my post and find it to be helpful.  Well, I hope you all will head over to Janine’s blog to see what I wrote!  Thanks for all of your continued support!



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  • Seriously so happy to have you guest posting today and thank you so much again for sharing with my readers your experience with transferring your Intense Debate comments from Blogger to WordPress!! :)
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  • I read it this morning and it was so fantastic! It's just like you to do your research and do a great job! I was I was as thorough.
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  • Will head over and read !
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  • I had a ton of content on my site when I transferred, so it didn't go very smoothly for me. I encourage everyone to make the switch sooner rather than later. I'm glad it worked out well for you!

    • Brittnei Washington

      I've heard that the longer you wait to do it the more difficult it can be. But I had a friend who blogged for 4 years before she did it. She hired someone who did the transfer in 2 days. :) I honestly couldn't afford to pay someone to do it so I had to do it alone. You're right. Sooner rather than later is better.

  • This will be a good post for me to memorize if I ever decide to make the switch!
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    • Brittnei Washington

      Hopefully if you need to do this, you will be able to google it and it will come up. Unless you pin it for later maybe :)

  • This is a great topic as many bloggers transfer after the new year as one of their blog goals.
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  • I am on wordpress but I know alot of people who need help with this.
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  • I transferred to WordPress early last year and have never regretted the switch!
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  • I will certainly check out the post. I am planning on making the big move but I don't have Intense Debate so won't have to worry about this.
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    • Brittnei Washington

      Yea, no worries with this for you. And Janine will be able to do the switch for you in like a day or 2 lol. :)

  • So nice of you to share your experience! I'm sure you'll be able to help lots of bloggers out.

  • mamatomanyblessings

    I started off on blogger in 2009 and this past August moved to WP – love it! It was one of the best decisions I made. Wish I did it sooner!

    • Brittnei Washington

      Yea, I started this blog in August, I'm so glad that I switched in December…now I don't have to think about it anymore

  • I remember going from Blogger to WP back in 2008!

  • I started out on WordPress after reading about the pros and cons of each platform. So glad I did!
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    • Brittnei Washington

      Yea, I didn't find any hosting options that I could afford at the time and I was already familiar with Blogger so I had to start there. I'm glad I waited a little to transfer because I ended up finding a great deal with Hostgator.

  • I see so many people migrating their stuff from Blogger to WordPress. I have both, but I still prefer Blogger.

    • Brittnei Washington

      I do know a few bloggers who still like Blogger better. There are pros and cons. I guess in the end, it might come down to preference.

  • I am blogger and I have thought about transferring. I am still undecided. Maybe 2014 will be the year for me to move.

    • Brittnei Washington

      It is a huge decision. If you can afford to, it makes it so much easier when you pay someone to make the switch for you :)

  • I switched over to WP in the summer but I'm having such a hard time figure things out.
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    • Brittnei Washington

      I will have to agree with you about it being so different and lots to learn. I ask people questions and I just play in it to try things and test things out.

  • I would think that might be tricky with the comment changeover. Nice to know that it can go off without a hitch!
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  • So glad that it all transferred smoothly in the end! I switched to WP just a few months ago, and I really do love it. I miss Blogger sometimes, but the little tweaks and add-ons you can get with WP have made it worth it so far.
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    • Brittnei Washington

      So far I don't miss Blogger at all. If you were on it for a while, I can see how you might miss it. There is a lot to learn over here at WordPress.

  • Heading over! I'm sure it will be helpful for those transitioning.

  • I'm really interested to read your post, Brittnei, over at Janine's. I think this is a topic that many bloggers would be interested in.
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    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks, Lizzy! I hope someone will find it if they need it in the future. I couldn't find a post on this at all when I needed it.

  • Great post! It is really a good idea for bloggers to make that move to WordPress when they can!
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  • I had to hire someone to do this for me-I didn't have the patience!

  • I just made the switch from blogger to WordPress a little over a month ago. I wish I had seen this tutorial before it made the switch it would've created a lot less headaches.
    My recent post Was that feed a cold and starve a fever?

    • Brittnei Washington

      Oh no! Don't tell me that! I was looking for a post that would explain this Intense Debate thing straightforwardly and when I couldn't, I knew I had to write up something to help people who would be searching for it in the future. I'm glad you switched though. For me, it has been the best decision ever!

  • Glad your transfer went well. I had to have someone do it for me too as my patience was not there to do it. :)

    • Brittnei Washington

      I was just telling someone else that if I had the money when I wanted to switch, I totally would have paid someone to do it too.

  • I am glad that you were able to figure it out. I am always scared to mess with stuff like that.

  • I don't think I have the time and patience to do this anytime soon. I'm glad you've found WordPress and you like it. I think I'll stick with Blogger just a little while longer. :)
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  • That's great that you could successfully make the switch! I like using the things I'm comfortable with and trying new things makes me very nervous.
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  • I remember back when you were first trying to figure this out! I'm so glad you were able to do so. The worst thing would have been if you hadn't. The whole switch and transferring of posts, comments, etc can be very daunting! I went through it myself, all by myself and it was a real experience. I wouldn't even know where to begin on doing a Blogger to WP switch post, much less one about comment widgets. I know your post will be so helpful to others making the switch you who use Intense Debate. :-)
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