Feature Friday- Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of Feature Friday!

Thank you to all who participated in Countdown in Style this week!  We had 55 linkups!  I honestly enjoy reading every single link up each week and you all don’t make it easy to choose just 3 favorites!  :)

The most clicked post this week was….(drum roll, please!)

5 Surprising Reasons Wives Lash Out At Their Husbands by Tehila at Women Abiding


Below are my featured favorite posts for this week:

That one time I forgot to wear pants to work...by Gracielle at Mommy A-Z


This post found me feeling mixed emotions! I was chuckling because hasn’t something like this happened to you before?  And then at the same time I felt horrible for Gracielle.  Read this post so you can see how she ended up forgetting to wear pants to work! Eeek!

Honey & Jackie: Happiest Couple I know by Sherri at God Life Happy Wife


This post almost bought tears to my eyes because I thought about what I truly always wanted in a relationship when I started to desire a husband.  This post is about true love.  I loved learning about Sherri’s grandparents and the fact that they grew old together and didn’t seem to grow tired of each other even after all of those years is such a beautiful thing.

How To Give Your Mom A Meltdown (by Desmond Bowman) by Tamara, a guest post at Growing Up Madison


Two of my favorite bloggers were involved with this post.  It honestly was one of my favorite reads.  Tamara blogs over at Tamara (Like) Camera and is one the contributors in a book that was published last year with several other bloggers entitled Mother of All Meltdowns.  In her story that she wrote, it actually involves Scarlet, her eldest child so when I saw this post, I wondered if Des could possibly make part 2 if they ever decided to come up with it.  She writes this post from his perspective and it makes you laugh but at the same time I thought “poor Mommy! So this is what these little blessings are thinking when they do what they do! Haha!”

Feel free to add the “I was featured on Countdown in Style” button below.  It was very well deserved, ladies!

CIS - 3F


Don’t forget to visit April’s blog to see if you were featured there!  We hope to see you all back for our 7th week of Countdown in Style this Sunday and EVERY SUNDAY!  Have a great weekend!

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  • Aw! What a nice surprise to be featured here today. Thank you! I'm finally getting my due because I've been bragging for 19 months about how mellow Des is, but lately, he's into EVERYTHING!! Ahhh!
    Happy Weekend!
    My recent post Cry Me a Frozen Whovian River.

    • Brittnei Washington

      It was my pleasure, Tamara! Honestly, you are not the only one. JR changed after the 15 month mark or so. I definitely noticed more smarts and silliness where he might come off as being a tad stubborn hehe.

  • Looks like some great link-ups!! I'm hoping to catch up with some of them this weekend!!!
    My recent post Friday Happy Hour

  • Awesome link-up– can't wait to check out some of the other sites!

  • This looks like a great link-up! I will come back and check out these posts!
    My recent post Corn Tomato and Avocado Salsa Recipe Fresh From Florida

  • I am going to check out this link up. Sounds like fun!
    My recent post Bear Paws Giveaway

  • Helene Cohen Bludman

    Hope to find some time to read some of these posts. They sound great!

  • Great link up. Thanks for sharing these posts!
    My recent post Four Simple Ways To Refresh and Update Your Home

  • Sounds like fun. Nice link up!

  • I will go and check out the "That one time I forgot to wear pants to work" – sounds like an interesting article :D

  • This sounds like a fun linkup. I'll have to check these out!
    My recent post Pamper Yourself with Perfectly Pure Coconut Personal Care Collection + Giveaway

  • Lol at forgetting to wear pants to work. I'd do that I'm sure
    My recent post Enterprise, take me on a winter road trip!

    • Brittnei Washington

      The way that she did it seems so possible to happen to anyone. I feel like I've something like that before but I can't remember when.

  • Forgot to wear pants to work? I need to read that. I wonder if it's like the time I went to work with a thong stuck to the back of my sweater?

    • Brittnei Washington

      Hahaha! The first thing I'm thinking when I read this comment was when did you notice that it was there? Hopefully not past lunchtime and hopefully you noticed it and someone else didn't have to be the one to tell you :)

  • I wil have to check these posts out. I love a good story and have a hard time believe someone would forget their pants.

    • Brittnei Washington

      I was so interested in it when I read the title too! I can see how she did it definitely after reading it!

  • Awesome link up, I'll have to visit the other blogs!
    My recent post Fitness Friday Link Up: Week 2

  • What a great way to find some new interesting writers. I think I'd like to go read that story about the lasting love couple.
    My recent post ‘Twas The Night Before Checklist #greatstarts

    • Brittnei Washington

      Aw, Liz! That one was very special to me as well! I'm sure Sherri would appreciate the visit if you have the time. :)

  • Those look like some great articles. I will have to check some of them out.

  • Well I've never forgotten my pants… however, there's been a few times where someone has come to the door just after I finished nursing my baby, and I realized too late that I'd not finished buttoning up! New babies and sleepless nights… zzz…
    My recent post Post Workout Smoothie Recipe

    • Brittnei Washington

      I told my husband about your comment when I read it lol. I don't think he would be too thrilled if I did that, especially if it was a man at the door, but I thought the idea of it happening was pretty funny since I tend to leave the boob out when my toddler is finding new ways to nurse while I'm doing other things :)

  • Linkups are always fun. They are a great way to find new great bloggers to follow.

  • Aww no wonder, that was also the first post I read when I viewed all the linkups. Will definitely find time to check out these interesting posts. :)
    My recent post What made you smile today?

  • The graphic alone has drawn me in! I can lash out with the best of them, lol!
    My recent post If You’re Happy and You Know it, Just Say No

  • Oh all these posts are ones that I have to read. Well the first 2 at least since the last is featured on my blog. :) I really want to know how she forgot her pants and the next one reminds me of my own parents. I must read them!
    My recent post Instagram Shopping with MillieMoo #FashionFriday #Review

  • mamatomanyblessings

    nope, I have never forgot to wear my pants outside the house before – LOL!
    My recent post Giveaways Around The Web – Enter & Win / Giveaway Linky

    • Brittnei Washington

      Hahaha! I'm still annoyed I can't think of something equally embarrassing I've done in high school or when I was working. I knew how she felt though. :)

  • Social Media Sass

    I got an error when trying to visit the blog about the missing pants, when I work from home pants are optional : p
    My recent post Karla Campos of Social Media Sass Nominated for a Shorty Award in Small Business | PRLog

  • Thanks for this cool roundup and feature! I love visiting new blogs, and reading their posts!

  • I can't wait to check out Gracielle's post about forgetting to wear pants to work…hysterical!!
    My recent post #AskAwayFriday with Beth from Structure in an Unstructured Life

  • Really great link up. I need to do some of that. Forgetting to wear pants made me laugh so hard I almost peed in my pants.

  • Great linkup. Can't wait to check out some of these sites!
    My recent post Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools: How to Clean a Dishwasher

  • Gracielle from http://www.mommya-z.com

    Thank you so much for featuring my post this week, Brittnei! I didn't realize when you tweeted me earlier, but was just making sure I'm all caught up with your posts and saw this. It's weird, because I get an error when I try to click on the link from your post like Social Media Sass did (both on chrome and safari). Anyway, I appreciate the luv! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
    My recent post {Ask Away Friday} Questions with Herchel from @Scruggbug

    • Brittnei Washington

      You are most welcome! I hope that didn't keep people from visiting! She was the only one to mention that. I fixed it. Such a silly mistake on my part! Thanks for joining in on the linkup last week!

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