Emotional Yet Thankful

Can I just say that forcing myself to sit here and write this post about what I’m thankful for when my emotions just seem to be all over the place is probably the best thing I could do right now next to praying.  So with that,

1) I’m thankful for this awesome linkup that I can join in to share my thankfuls with each week.


2)  For having an eye doctor who isn’t really set on doing surgery on my sun to align his eyes.  For some of my new followers, you probably didn’t know, but my little angel has what’s called strabismus.  Some call it lazy eye, but medically speaking he doesn’t have “lazy eye” or amblyopia because according to the doctor, there is nothing wrong with his eye muscles.  He could get surgery to help align the muscles in the one eye or it can actually be fixed with continued concentration on helping strengthen the eye by forcing my son to use it more.  We do this by patching his strong eye for several hours a day.  My emotions wanted to be upset with her for even bringing up surgery earlier today at the appointment because I couldn’t understand if we had a long time before it would be considered in her mind because he is so young, why stir me up thinking I need to be concerned about that now?  Either way, I’m thankful she’s not trying to get us to do it now because we’re just not interested.  The statistics she shared for the success rate were just not convincing and JR is just way too young.  For all we know, before she even wants to discuss it, the eye will be rightly aligned.


3)  For my blog friend Christy.  We’ve recently gotten very close and have meshed well together to help each other out on this blogging journey.  She’s a very inspiring woman.  You all should definitely check her out!


4)  For Kareen at Pink Heart String for nominating me for the Sunshine Award.  I think I’ve written maybe 3 or 4 of those posts so I told her I would give her a shot out in a future post.  How nice was it of her to think of me?! She’s definitely a sweetie!


5)  To be apart of Growing Up Madison’s Blogiversary Giveaway in March! I’ve been apart of one cash giveaway and it was really successful.  I’m looking forward to helping her celebrate one year of blogging.


6)  I noticed that this winter, so far, we haven’t been in our normal 40s and 50s during the day.  I remember we had like one week in December where it was in the 50s but that’s about it.  I actually enjoy this time of year because it gives us a break from the summer desert heat and I get what’s like a fall effect in terms of how it feels outside. Not so much really lately.  It’s been more like 60s and 70s (sometimes close to 80) these days.  Needless to say, I’m still thankful for that! I could be freezing cold like some of my other blog friends and family who live in places that have all four seasons.  No offense guys, but I don’t miss that not one bit!


7)  To be able to watch the food channels.  I’ve been getting so many ideas for random things like marinades and how to make things that I probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.  I wonder how I’m going to make something and then I remember a dish or seasoning combination that I saw on one of those shows and my creative juices go to work.  I’m thankful for this because hubby’s been loving it and so have I! :)


8)  That my husband likes my salad and homemade dressings.  We’ve been trying to get him back into eating healthy again and I’ve been stumped as to what recipes to use because he is soooo picky at times.  I didn’t want to get tired of our usuals so I had to change it up.  Well, I’ve been making salads and homemade dressings and he’s been loving it.  He even says that people at work can smell the dressing from afar and come over to see what he’s eating.  He seemed so happy when he told me he would tell them “my wife made this.”


9)  That my morning sickness is close to zero.  I have gone days now without having any and a few where it was a temporary hour or so of queasiness at night.  I’m thankful for this! I’m only in the 11th week! I know people who have experienced morning sickness for way longer than this.


10)  That I’m still growing a healthy baby.  I don’t take it for granted that I’m still able to carry this wonderful bundle of joy inside of me.  It makes me feel pretty special that God wanted me to be JR and this baby’s mommy.


What are you thankful for?  You can share it with us at Ten Things of Thankful!  Click on the image below and add your post:





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  • You're a great mother. Can't wait for the new baby!!

  • All wonderful things to be thankful for! Especially zero morning sickness and hubby liking things. Sometimes getting everyone on the same page with food is so hard! Glad that you have a doctor who is willing to work with you and not rush to fix things in the surgery room.

    • Brittnei Washington

      Yes, Carla! Great point about getting everyone on the same page…JR doesn't always eat what we eat. He definitely isn't into eating salads. Maybe kale or spinach when I have it in certain foods but that's about as green as it gets for him right now lol.

  • Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm sure all will be well with your son. If training his eye doesn't work, at least you know you have options.
    My recent post Cinnamon Baking Chips

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks, Deauna! Yea even if the '"training" doesn't work on her schedule, I'm not so sure that my husband will be convinced to go the surgery route even then. I honestly don't blame him.

  • Nice thoughts, Brittnei! I've known some other little ones with strabismus who have had very good luck with the muscle training therapy, so I hope that is all it takes!! (And I'm one of your blogging friends look at a high of 18 degrees next week – brrrrrr!)
    My recent post How to Get Things Done

    • Brittnei Washington

      Seana, I've heard it working for people, too. It's why my husband and I are just going to wait. We know as he gets older we will be able to work with him more and more on it and he will understand how to make a conscious effort. We just don't think surgery and medicine is the answer to things, but so many doctors will try to convince you otherwise just to make an extra buck. We are really passionate about that. Depending on your insurance and the type of physician you can buy many times speaks to the type of care and advice you will get. I wonder what a holistic doctor would suggest on this one. Too bad we can't afford one at the moment. Thankfully it's just his eyes and we're in the phase where we are comfortable training them. Thankfully, winter only lasts for a season! xo

  • Brittnei, there is no better place to be that TToT in a week when you are all over the place. With normal Mommy worries and added pregnancy emotional ups and downs, this (and praying!) me be your saving grace.
    My stepdaughter had the strabismus surgery in both of her eyes when she was younger. This kind of thing is never easy for a parent to think about and you need to just listen to all the options and make the decisions that are best for your son. You'll know what they are.
    Congratulations on the Sunshine Award which is well deserved, without a doubt. I can't wait to read the post!
    It's good to hear that your husband is open to healthier eating. I try and know it's not always easy.
    So glad to hear that you are not suffering with nasty morning sickness and all is well with your newest angel!
    My recent post Gratitude In Absentia. Well, sort of….TToT in St. Kitts

    • Brittnei Washington

      I like when I connect with people who have dealt with this strabismus issue before. It is so new to us. Neither of us have ever heard of it or known anyone who has dealt with it before. You're actually the first person I heard who has a child who has gotten surgery before. How old was she? A lot of the other people I talk to just work on it as the kids get older and it got better or for some, it didn't and they are adults wearing glasses or just having a slight lazy eye that you can only notice sometimes. Thanks for all of your sweet comments as always, Sandy. You are truly encouraging and gracious!

      • Hello again, sweet Brittnei! I want to say that she had the first eye done around 4 or 5 and then later they noticed she was having the same issue with the other eye and she had that one done at 7. She is 17 today and her vision is fine. I'm not aware of any issues she has had since. She is my stepdaughter so I wasn't in on the decision to have the surgery and I'm not aware of her mom trying any other methods to strengthen and or correct the strabismus. Whether that was her mother's decision or the doctor's, I'm not sure. I don't know if this information helped you at all, but I hope so.

        • Brittnei Washington

          You're such a doll for coming back and telling me what you knew about your step daughter's experience. It seems like 4 or 5 is around the age that surgery might be considered. My son will only be 2 in April. Perhaps the doctor could be bringing it up to make sure we stay on top of the patching so we'll have a chance we won't need to even go down that road. Whatever her reasoning, it make me pretty annoyed with the conversation because she herself isn't even thinking about it right now lol. I'm glad your step daughter's eyes are doing very well now. xoxo

  • Seriously, Brittnei sounds like a perfect list to me and the last one is my favorite by far. Happy Saturday and enjoy your weekend now :)
    My recent post January Heat Wave Thankful Things

  • I can remember that my morning sickness was super during my first trimester and I was working full time so I had to run to the bathroom from time to time, hehe. I'm glad to know that yours is slowly going away. I'm learning to cook or at least make something to eat for my husband and son too so good for you that you're really doing great at it.

    Also, I'm sure that with faith and prayers, JR will turn out and continue to be a healthy boy. :)
    My recent post What made you smile today?

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks for your kind words, Rea! The 1st pregnancy, the sickness lasted longer for me too. It stopped at the 14th week. :(

  • Yay for nearly zero morning sickness! That is fantastic. I had it until 14 weeks with Des. It was more of an all day nausea. Middle level.
    And I think I might join Growing Up Madison's celebration too! She's one of my favorites.
    I'm so thankful for the blogging community, especially lately.
    My recent post Cry Me a Frozen Whovian River.

    • Brittnei Washington

      I was the same with JR the first time around! Oh I hope you join in with Growing Up Madison. She's special.

  • I know this feature has to be quite fulfilling! You manage to notice the big and small. I would love to have one of those homemade creations and salad dressing!
    My recent post If You’re Happy and You Know it, Just Say No

    • Brittnei Washington

      Joi, my recipes are extremely simple! A monkey could make them! I will have to add them as a tip onto the blog one day :)

  • I love your thankful things. We had the same eye scare with my older daughter. She didn't need the surgery. At times when she is overtired or using it too much (video games) you can see a difference) but beyond that she is perfectly fine and has the doctor's stamp of approval. I lucked out with a doctor who wasn't rushing for surgery either.
    I'm so glad your sickness is easing off! I had it all the way through with my oldest…EH! Happy to stop by and catch up a bit…xoxoxo
    My recent post #2014BloggerChallenge : KISS – Keep it Smooth Simply

    • Brittnei Washington

      Did I forget that you had a baby that dealt with this at one point or other? I sort of wonder if he is even the way your daughter is later will this doctor be trying to get us to do surgery. I've been thinking about switching doctors slowly. But we shall see. We have a while before she would be even thinking about talking about it. I hope he just gets it more aligned by then so it doesn't have to be a subject of conversation..like what happened with your baby girl :) Thanks for swinging through. That put a touch of sweetness on my day xoxo

  • I'm glad you still joined up – I hope that refocusing on the Good Things helped you to feel a bit less all over the place. Regardless, you've made a wonderful list with lots of wonderful things on it.

    Except the 'concerning you now' aspect of your son's eyes. I hope that all goes well, and he gets the treatment he needs to. Some really tough decisions ahead of you there, but at least you're able to seek the medical input nice and easily.

    SO glad you have sunshine and wonderful friends around you.

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks so much, Lizzie! I'm really trying to stick with this linkup if I write nothing else for a week because it really does help! So grateful that you ladies created it!

  • Funny, I watch the food network, yet I make no changes to the way I cook. Maybe I'm watching the wrong shows. Or I'm just in it for the entertainment. :) I'm glad you are able to get lots of tips from it and are helping your family to eat healthier.
    i''m also glad you have a doctor who is willing to be patient and try the lesser invasive treatment before jumping into surgery. Hopefully, it will strengthen on its own.

    My recent post I'm Old, But I'm Alive, TToT Week 31

    • Brittnei Washington

      Yea some of the entertainment focused ones, I tend not to watch them. Like Chopped for instance, I learn so much about foods that I've never even heard of before. Iron Chef America makes me want to go to a fine dining restaurant and I learn a lot on there too. I like Not My Mama's Meals too with one of the Dean brothers because he does what I like to do in that he makes comfort foods healthier. I do like Restaurant and Dinner Impossible because I think Robert is awesome and he definitely teaches people a lot about food and running and restaurant. :)

      Thank you for your sweet words concerning my son. I'm hopeful that surgery won't even been a question either :)

  • So beautiful and so many things to be thankful for. Yay to no morning sickness. We started using homemade dressing mainly because we didn't buy any and we've both been enjoying it. :)
    My recent post Feature Friday {6}

    • Brittnei Washington

      I definitely feel like with the homemade dressing that I know what I'm putting in it and I don't have to think about the nutrition facts on the back or anything so it's more peace of mind. :)

  • I'm glad that your morning sickness is pretty much gone – I know you had a few pretty miserable weeks and now you can just enjoy growing your sweet little one.
    So much to be thankful for over here today – I love it!!
    My recent post Hug Your Loved Ones Tight

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks, Kim! I definitely felt bad for some of my blog friends like you when I looked back on how much I talked about my morning sickness in my comments lol. It's nice to be more energized and not so sick. Looking forward to sharing more of what's going on with baby as time goes on ;)

  • My cousin went through the same eye issues with one of her little girls, and it turned out great! I'm so glad you don't have to consider surgery at this point.
    I am so unoriginal with salad dressings. I go oil-vinegar-salt-pepper-mustard. But I like that one. How do you jazz yours up?
    My recent post TToT: The Toddler Bed

    • Brittnei Washington

      Sarah! Thank you so much for sharing that. I hear so many success stories with muscle therapy or with people who have found other ways to handle it besides surgery and it makes me smile. Honestly, Your recipe sounds great. I switch it up by changing the vinegars I use: Like white wine, balsamic and there is red wine too. I tend to always use extra virgin olive oil. That's my base, but then you can add it fruit that you puree like strawberries, blueberries…things like that. I've used avocado too. The one my husband liked was even more simple than that: I used the white wine vinegar, added sea salt, italian seasoning and garlic powder and that was it. He said people could smell that a mile away and they all wanted to see what he was eating :)

  • sometimes writing the list when you least feel like it is the best thing for you! CONGRATS on doing that! Glad the morning sickness is lessening … that way you can keep getting cool things off the food network for the hubs health kick!

    • Brittnei Washington

      Zoe, you are so right! I'm really grateful for this hop for that reason. The next day, I felt like a million bucks and all the emotion that I had the day before was forgotten :)

  • They put a patch over my little brother's eye and that did work for him. So glad you're morning sickness is letting up now!

    • Brittnei Washington

      I feel like I run into more people who have said either it worked for them or someone they know which is very comforting. Thanks, Liz! :)

  • Such a beautifully written list! I'm so glad that your morning sickness is close to zero and that all is well with the baby. My fingers are crossed that JR's eye will strengthen without surgery, too. All in God's time! Much love and many blessings to you and your family, love. And one of these days, you're gonna have to slide me a dressing recipe. My husband loves my salads, but I bet he'd love them even more if the dressing was homemade :-)
    My recent post Friday's Letters

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks, Drea. I was just telling someone that making that home for me offers some peace of mind because even what I thought was the most basic dressings has so much stuff in it that I'm not liking on the nutrition facts :) I need to post some ideas people multiple people have asked about it now! :)

  • God is wonderful!! I am thankful for your post because you shared a glimpse into your life. I am so happy that your baby is healthy,..keep on baking that little blessing!! P.S. I love the food channels too and learn quite a bit!!
    My recent post Juil: The Stylish Sandals that Cleanse Your Body of Toxins *Featured at Nordstroms #Review

    • Brittnei Washington

      Yay Amy! Thanks so much! You and me both learn from Food Network hehe. I know a lot of people watch it for entertainment only. I cook so much that it's fun learning a lot from it. :)

  • Sounds like life is pretty good! Here's to hoping that your little boy will be able to avoid surgery. I always get nervous with any medical procedure (I was a wreck when my baby had to have her tongue tie clipped!!), but I cannot imagine having to consider eye surgery. That just seems like such a fragile part of the body.

    Also, I'm glad you're not feeling sick with this baby. Morning sickness is awful, awful, awful!
    My recent post Student Loan Debt: Getting Rid of It Faster (Financial Friday #2)

    • Brittnei Washington

      Natalie! I would have been the same way about the tongue tie surgery as you were. I'm glad your baby is ok now :) I think I've come across way too many people who were successful with patching. Plus my son's eye isn't extremely noticeable so I think it can be trained :)

  • I think I know what you mean when you say that even though you sort of have to force yourself to write (your) Post, it is the best thing for you at the moment.
    Often emotions will start with one 'connection', someone does something, or we react to what people say and despite the fact the emotion 'belongs' to only one thing (in our life), it can get linked up to totally unrelated parts of our lives, or the things we might do in the course of the day.
    Gets all bundled up and makes it hard to get rid or work through.
    Writing a TToT has an effect (with me) of gathering up a lot of these stray emotional remnants and letting them run their course.
    The result is that I often feel better after writing one of these TToT posts.

    • Brittnei Washington

      You definitely hit the nail on the head concerning emotions and feelings, especially for me right now. Writing can definitely be therapeutic during this time. It's also nice to get encouragement and support in the blog word. :)

  • Gracielle from http://www.mommya-z.com

    So awesome to hear that your morning sickness is down to zero! Congrats and praying that your baby continues to grow healthy in there :) My daughter went to see specialists for her eye because she looked like she was cross-eyed as an infant. Turns out, her baby fat around her eye gave the illusion that she was cross-eyed but her eyes and muscles were aligned just fine. So she didn't have to do the patching or surgery. She does, however, have a sever astigmatism which is why she has to wear glasses. Glad to hear that your on doesn't have to have surgery. I remember what a relief that was when I heard that news!
    My recent post {Ask Away Friday} Questions with Herchel from @Scruggbug

    • Brittnei Washington

      Sounds like a wonderful story that has really encouraged me, Gracielle. Thanks for sharing what you all had to go through with your daughter. She's really cute with her glasses on, too.

  • There are indeed a lot of reasons to be grateful :) Thanks for the mention! And congrats to your baby, I am sure your baby will stay healthy because you are a healthy and happy mommy! Hugs to you!
    My recent post Little Luxuries 2:Toy Storage Bench

  • Hooray for no more morning (or, honestly, all day) sickness! That should help get your emotions on more of an even keel.
    I hope the eye patch works well for JR. Does he tolerate it well?
    I'm like Christine – I watch the Food network for its entertainment value. If I want recipes, I go to Pinterest. LOVE Pinterest!

    • Brittnei Washington

      Oh my goodness, Dyanne! He takes it off even more now. We think that maybe by 3 he will be able to understand more and will keep it on. He let me keep it on him longer when he was around 9 months but by 17 or 18 months, he's more hands on lol. That still doesn't worry us though. We just get it on for as long as we can at times when he's more sleepy for example :)

  • How wonderful — a new life! and great work on sorting it out re: the strabismus. Sometimes you have to do the work when you are the parent, even though it seems as if the doctor should know everything– and it appears to me that you did great work! love you. jean xox
    My recent post Crafty Bloggers and Beadbloggers Sunday and a photo of a Blythe doll by jean yates

    • Brittnei Washington

      I think you are so right about parents needing to do the work. We definitely do a lot of our own research on things. As people, I feel like we tend to put a lot of trust in others to the point where we end up going in blindly about decisions which is never good. Ignorance definitely doesn't prevent consequences of bad decisions.

  • How nice that your morning sickness is subsiding–sounds like you are entering the easiest part of pregnancy now!

    Hopefully the patch will work for your son, and he'll be able to avoid surgery. I'm glad your doctor wasn't insistent on doing something you don't want.

    • Brittnei Washington

      I hear people call the 2nd trimester the honeymoon phase. I hope it is going to feel that nice! :) Thank you for your kind words.

  • Love this. So glad baby is doing well and you are feeling good. And I’m so glad the eye doc is being conservative with your son. No need to take drastic measures if he’s doing well.

    I love the Food Network too, love the baking shows.


    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks so much, Tiffany! You share some awesome recipes! It's definitely no surprise that you like the food network too! I am just starting to really get into baking. So far, I'm not horrible at it. I have these muffins hubby and JR love that I make so that is good. :)

  • Aaawww… I loved to hear about things you are thankful for.. Simple things. Everyday joys that so many people tend to look over and take for granted. I started making my salad dressings but they NEVER smelled up a room.. Ummm.. Recipes?! LOL! I do agree with you about not doing surgery. When my oldest son was 2 they told me it was very important to have his adenoids and tonsils removed. ASAP! Being the young mom I was, we had the surgery done. They said that it would help with his breathing and stop him from snoring.. Lo and behold.. It didn't help his breathing AT ALL! And since he had them removed so young they grew back and he had to have the surgery again.. Your shoutout made me smile! I truly look forward to building this platform and writing with you!
    My recent post Feeling Naked and Not Good Enough

    • Brittnei Washington

      As easy as those recipes are, I'm seeing I will have to share them! Pinterest page views from that I hope? LOL. My mouth definitely dropped when I read your comment when you started talking about your experience with your son. I definitely keep things like this in mind. People seem to never think that this type of stuff could happen to them until it happens. I know these doctors make money when we get surgeries and come in their office among other things, so I don't know if and when some of their advice is tied to making a buck versus the person's well being. We are JR's parents and knowing that and still just following everything they say with no research and prayer on our part just sounds crazy.

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