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Right Now, I’m Thankful For…

  • Making great blogger relationships like the ones I’ve started with April, Janine, Alison, Yasmina, and more! I get lots of support from so many. It’s nice to give them a little shot out every once and again.
  • A baby who plays in the dirt. I started writing this post from my iPhone while I was watching him and I just feel grateful because isn’t this normal behavior? What if my baby had issues and couldn’t play in the dirt like he wanted to? For this reason, I’m thankful.


  • Although we don’t have extra money for me to decorate the house and turn it into this indoor/outdoor fall abyss, like most mommas and wives enjoy doing, I’m thankful that I can still plan a nice thanksgiving meal for my family. The food is most important. I’m certain Harroll (hubby) agrees.
  • For a chill in the air for Thanksgiving so I can wear my uggs! We don’t really have winter here in the valley. Maybe we do if you count the cold nights we have during the winter months (that I haven’t seemed to be affected by because I barely use the heat), but it gives me a feeling of the holiday season anyway since its cold enough to where my feet won’t sweat when I’m wearing my uggs. :)
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    Finish The Sentence Friday

    So I found this fun linkup through some of my favorite bloggers Dana and Janine last week called Finish The Sentence Friday, so I tweeted Janine to find out what the topic was for this week and I thought gulp (that would be me gulping for air) LOL!  This is the sentence I had to finish below:

    When it comes to my past relationships, hubby thinks the past is behind me for a reason and I should leave it there. He never even required me to tell him basic information about my past. Of course, because he is the closest human being to me EVER ,I have told him all that I can remember. As life happens, sometimes he learns random things that may not have come up thus far and even then, I don’t dwell on the past and he doesn’t either. I’m grateful to have a man like this because I know that TV often portrays men to be sensitive about the past of their wives and significant others. I mean, what if he did hold something from my past against me? I’m not sure we could be as content as we are today if he did.  

    You can join us at the linkup and answer this question this week, too! 
    Janine's Confessions of A Mommyaholic
    I’d love to hear your thoughts. What does your spouse/significant other think about your past?