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Lullabytes #Baby Sleep Aid App Review

Lullabytes Baby Sleep Aid App

Lullabytes is a baby sleep aid app that you can use on your iPhone or iPad.  When a wonderful blogger I know asked me to take a look at this app and post a review, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure if it could help me because my son is already 20 months old.  Boy was I wrong!

Now, I am obsessed with the symphonic concert music option because I find it to be extremely soothing not only for JR when he is screaming because we have been night weaning him from the breast, but for me as well.  I’m often exhausted and becoming very impatient with him when it’s that hour that he definitely needs to get to bed and fall asleep.  Because my son was used to nursing to sleep, it has been a bit of a process to get him to just relax, lay next to me and put himself to sleep.  The Lullabytes app has really helped him to wind down and fall asleep.


Lullabytes Music Selections



I believe that this could work perfectly for toddlers and especially babies.  You know how you might have been told that you can put your baby in the car seat on the dryer to get him or her to sleep?  How about that nice mobile music that is played for them in the crib or bassinet?  Lullabytes allows you to select from a variety of music and noises to help aid your baby to sleep.


Lullabytes Review



Are you looking for an easy way to keep track of your little one’s sleeping patterns because you want to ensure he or she is getting enough zzz’s?  The Lullabytes App has a feature that helps you to record it in the sleep diary section.  I stumbled upon an additional feature by accident because I’ll admit, I started using the app in a hurry.  I planned to look at the settings and learn what it could do prior to actually starting to use it, but an emergency situation where a cranky toddler wanting to proceed with night time nursing pretty much got me using it prior to me doing all of that.  Let’s say your baby falls asleep for several hours and all is well but suddenly wakes up and begins to whimper and cry.  The Lullabytes app has a sound sensitivity so if the baby starts crying, the sound or music that you had previously been playing will resume automatically!  No matter the phase of sleeping habits you are in or if you are trying any sleeping through the night techniques with your baby or toddler, the Lullabytes app is really handy and can help you through it all, getting your child to a wonderful, peaceful sleep.

These are all great features right?  But the best part is this app is FREE!  So, head over to iTunes and download the Lullabytes app so you can be on your way to getting a happier, more rested baby starting tonight!  :)

Disclaimer: No company has given me any compensation or products to review this post.  I downloaded this app for free because I wanted to.  All opinions and experience discussed is my own.

What are some things that you have tried to get your little one to sleep?

Would you ever use an app like this to help aid your baby or toddler to sleep?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


PIP Healthy Products Review

After interacting with PIP Healthy Products on Twitter, I decided that I wanted to do a review of their products.  I’ve always wanted to review GMO-free and organic products so when I came across their company, I knew I had to try them out.  One thing that was different about their brand that I’ve never noticed before in any eco-friendly or natural products was the fact that they use probiotics.  I did a bit of research on the benefits of probiotics so that I could understand better why they would want to use them.


In my research, I found that probiotics are organisms such as bacteria or yeast that are said to improve our health.  The argument with many of the commercial brand cleaners are that they are not only toxic but they are not allowing our bodies and environments to keep necessary bacteria that will help maintain a healthy immune system.  So instead of keeping things clean to prevent us from getting sick, they are removing too much bacteria and in turn weakening our immune systems.  Probiotics are great for helping our intestinal area function better as well.


The three products that I tried are the breathe-free spray, multi-purpose cleaner concentrate and the “swooosh” mouthwash.  Before I discuss my experience in using the products, I just want to say that I was very impressed by the service I received.  Well, they were extremely friendly and warm when I discussed which products could possibly work best for me and then, when they sent my products in the mail, they sent me a personalized letter that explained the best way to use each product so I would be sure to get the most out of using each one.


The breathe-free spray was one of my favorites.  My husband has asked me several times throughout the year whether or not we have Lysol because he likes to spray around the house because of germs, especially when it seems like he is coming down with a cold or just getting over one.  Thankfully, me nor my son have gotten sick since he was born almost 2 years ago.  Lysol works for many, but for me, I just can’t stand the smell.  Even the clean or baby fresh scents have an extremely toxic, stuffy smell.  I’ve always hated it growing up and I detest it even more now that I am expecting.  Ever since we became more health conscious, I have been on the look out for natural neutralizers that would still get the job done.  I’ve finally found something in the breathe-free spray.  When I change my linens, I spray it on the bed and the bed sheets as well, and I spray it in the garbage can before adding in a new trash bag.  I also like using it on the furniture in the living room.  It has a very light smell to it so it that is fresh and nontoxic which is what I’ve been looking for.


The multi-purpose cleaner concentrate is also a winner! The instructions in the letter indicate that it is best used on granite, glass and stainless steel.  I used it on my kitchen and bathroom countertops because they are granite as well as on my bathroom tub.  I was very pleased with the results.  You can use 1 teaspoon added to a 16 oz. glass of water, but that mixture is most effective when used within a week.  I never used a full bottle of multi-purpose cleaner in one week, so I decided to dab a little on my sponge when I wanted to use it.  I enjoy creating a soapiness on my sponge when cleaning, so I liked this very much.  When cleaning the bathroom, I typically like to fill the sink a little with water and have my all purpose bathroom cleaner in there and I clean the stool, counters and tub from that.  This is what I did with the multi-purpose cleaner.  There is a light fresh green smell also that is not over-powering that I loved.


Last but not least was the “swooosh” mouthwash that I was given the opportunity to try.  I waited to post the review to see what my husband would think.  He’s the one in our house that loves to use Listerine.  I was anxious to see his thoughts on an eco-friendly mouthwash like this one.  To get the best results, you can either put a few squirts in your mouth directly after brushing and swoosh it around or you can add it to some water like the multi-purpose cleaner and use it after brushing as well.  My husband tried the water bottle and I do the squirts in my mouth.  Here is what we have noticed:  the mouthwash is very light.  If you are used to the harsh antiseptic feel of Listerine, you will have to get used to not having that.  I believe it is for the best because the chemicals found in other commercial brands are dangerous for our health because of the level of toxicity.  Like some natural products, you may have to use it more than once in the day.  You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and I recommend for maximum results that if you try it, that you use it each time that you brush your teeth.


I intend to at least stick with the majority of the products that were given to me for this review.  If you are making the transition from commercial brands to something that is more natural, this is definitely the way to go.  The price point on these are great and the products are concentrated which is designed to get you the most use and to help them to last longer.


Disclosure: I did receive these products in order to be able to provide an honest review of them.  I did not receive compensation for this review.  All opinions are my own.


Have you ever tried natural products?


Did you ever use any probiotic cleaners?


What are your thoughts on natural, household products?


I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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The Mother of All Meltdowns Review

I was given the wonderful opportunity to post a review for The Mother of All Meltdowns book.  When I learned that several of the bloggers that I look up to and have been so privileged to get know had been apart of this awesome project, I knew I had to read it and let them all know my thoughts.  At first glance and from hearing statements about the book, I knew it would be stories of moms telling about that time they had lost it. I’m a fairly new mom still, only have been one since my little guy was born 18 months ago and a step mom since I married my husband almost 3 years ago now, so it helped that I knew I would come across stories from more experienced women; ones who had weathered more storms in this life in their role as a mother.  I’ve seen how other mothers in real life have a somewhat negative outlook on motherhood based on all they have had to endure with their children.  Did I really want to read a book that would highlight the negative moments from more mothers? I knew I would have some tough times in the future, but of course, I want to stay positive about it all. 
To say the least, I was blown away by the stories, and it wasn’t at all what I feared it could be.  These mothers weren’t really being negative at all. These are stories by women from all stages of motherhood starting from the moment when you know you are going to be a mom up until your children are adults. 
I found myself crying with them as I read their stories, laughing in moments of unexpected joy, and just either empathizing or sympathizing with them, too.  I knew what the mom must have been feeling when she couldn’t take another comment from someone on how to care for her baby. After all the things I have lost in my life, I sympathized with the mom who thought she lost her wedding band because I know what this ring means to me and I wouldn’t have the heart to tell my husband that I didn’t know where it was even though I know it is just a ring.  Even in the stories where the children are older than my little guy, I can only imagine how it must have felt to have an ungrateful child or one who does something completely to disobey you. I mean, you get all of these great stories and you are able to really go through the emotions with the authors, and then on top of all of that, you get practical tips on how to avoid meltdowns and how to really balance and cope with your life as a mother. 
Bottom line, this book is so worth your time.  You won’t want to put it down.  If you’re like me, and it’s been a while since you had a chance to get some time out with just you and the girls, I highly recommend that you get in a comfy place when the kids and your spouse is asleep and just enjoy it.  You’ll feel like you’re having a sleepover and you’re hearing some heartfelt stories from a bunch of girlfriends. 
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