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Toddler Sensory Activity with Eggs

I’ve been really reluctant to do too many craft activities with my son thus far because he has been in the phase for a while now where he puts most things in his mouth, even the wall… haha! I started to search around Google and Pinterest for a toddler sensory activity and I found a few things I could do.  One was this sensory activity that I thought he might enjoy.  Here is the post that I got this idea from here

I basically followed the instructions from the post.  I boiled the eggs first:

Then I got a bowl of ice water together.  I put a towel on the floor just in case baby decided to get excited and knock it over.  I had him watch me put the hot eggs in the cool ice bath as shown below:

All in all, this turned out to be fairly interesting.  Unlike the curious 1 year old in the post, my son was intrigued very much by the cold water and the ice!  I thought this was too funny.  He liked holding the eggs when they were whole, but as soon as he saw what was inside, for some reason, he wouldn’t let it touch him!  I tried to hand it to him and even sat back a minute to see if he would touch it on his own. Nada. All he wanted to do is squeeze his hands together because the cold, wet sensation and then touch the ice in the bowl. He tired very quickly of this and decided to get up in a matter of minutes. :)

I plan on doing this again with him as he gets older. The author of the post says it could be another great activity for older toddlers and young children if you want to let them feel everything in the bowl with their eyes closed. I’m looking forward to sharing more toddler activities I do with my son so stay tuned! Until next time!