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Ask Away Friday with Carissa from The Green Eyed Lady Blog

On this week’s edition of Ask Away Friday, I’m happy to be partnered with Carissa from The Green Eyed Lady Blog.  We share some similar interests and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her very much.  She loves football, fashion and family! Yay! Sounds like me, right? Don’t forget to stop by her blog to see what I asked her this week! 
Here are the questions that Carissa asked me:
1. What is one tip you would give other SAHM moms? 
Just one? I have several that I’ve written within my blog.  Many of them lie within this post here. 
2. If you had one day to spend by yourself, what would you do? You cant take your husband or child with you!
I would go get a mani and pedi, multiple spa treatments, shop for a few outfits and retreat for a night of blogging….yes, y’all, I enjoy reading your blogs and answering your comments lol. 
3. Do you ever wish that you could live closer to your home state? 
Never.  The closest thus far that we have thought about living is in Texas, primarily because we are big Cowboys fans.  The second reason is because there is a church there that we would consider going to.  A lot of married women there are focused on “creation rolling,” is what we call it: just being wives, mommies and homemakers.  They also have several families homeschooling their kids.  I believe we would fit right in. :)




4.What are three girly items that you cannot live without? 
Not to sound like I have it all together, but there is absolutely nothing materialistic that I can’t live without.  All of the things that I would have thought it would have been difficult to live without, I’ve dealt with not having them for long periods of time.  Many things like T.V., a phone, makeup, new clothes or shoes…even a computer!  As bloggers, not having a computer seems fatal, but I’ve had to deal with not having my own computer for months at a time. 
5. What do you hope people take with them after reading your blog?
Nothing out of the ordinary.  (I don’t think.)  Within each topic that I write about, I honestly hope that I am helping people out in some way.  Even the posts where I’m writing to my son or just writing about everyday life with my family.  Everything that I write about, in some way or other, I hope it’s helpful to my readers. 
6. What is your favorite dish for Thanksgiving?
I seriously don’t have just one.  I really love everything that I make.  Not necessarily because I make it, but because I select the menu so I can choose all of the foods I love for Thanksgiving.  Hubby doesn’t really like turkey too much, so I’ve stuck with making a whole chicken since our very first Thanksgiving together.  Other than that, I double check with him on what he’d want to have and that is that. 
7. What are 5 Things that you are grateful for this Thanksgiving Season? 
Family, food, good health, shelter, another baby on the way.  :)
8. If I came to your city…what would we do?
I think I would most likely do the same with most blogger buddies because many of them have lots in common with me.  If you’ve never been to Arizona, we could go sight seeing, shopping because I know you wouldn’t be able to resist (haha), get mani and pedi, eat Chipotle because it’s my favorite and then let Emma and J.R. play together at some point, of course! Perhaps we could take them to a splash pad or the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. 



9. What is one scripture that puts you in a better mood?
Reading the Bible in general usually helps.  It’s always a time where I’m self-analyzing and checking to see what God is saying about me and my actions. 
10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
This question coincides with number 3.  I’m honestly very happy in Arizona.  I really love the weather. The only reason I would want to go to Texas are the 2 reasons I mentioned above.  It would be nice to go to a church with other believers, but I know if we live here long enough, I’m sure we will find other believers to fellowship with. 

That’s all folks! Don’t forget to visit Carissa’s blog to see what I asked her.  You can also click on the Ask Away Friday image to see who else participated this week!  Until next time! xoxo


Ask Away Friday with Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings

This week, I’ve exchanged questions with a gem! Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings has been a delight since my very first interaction with her.  We have a lot in common, too! Stacey does a lot of things I aspire to do like homeschool her kids and become a frugal, homemade remedy and product expert. :)  Seriously, she has made things like Melt and Pour Soap. And I just found out on the last Ask Away Friday that we are both making our own laundry detergent.  She’s an awesome blogger and has several networking opportunities on her blog through linky parties and the like.  Don’t forget to visit her blog to see what I asked her this week! 

Here are the questions she asked me: 

1. What is one recipe that you remember from your childhood that you make for your family?


Wow. I can’t think of anything.  Some foods I’ve changed some of the seasonings I use or how I prepare it.  Others, we dont really eat at all.  My favorite dish was baked chicken with mashed potatoes and string beans.  I still bake chicken, but I don’t use seasoning salt. I almost never cook starch with dinner apart from whole grain noodles or rice.  I just visited New Jersey last month to see my family, and my grandmother who l love so much that used to and still makes awesome food, has even changed a lot of how she eats.  We’ve talked about it on the phone so I knew, but seeing that in person was a blessing.  

2. What is your favorite hymn or religious song?
I honestly don’t have one. I make up songs during worship time in our home and it gets my son involved and smiling.  
3. How does your hubby feel about your blogging?
He likes the idea that I love it.  He just wants me to not let it become something that is too high on the priority list.  I am a very ambitious person so it’s hard for me to not give things my all.  It’s part of the reason why I’ve focused more on what I like about blogging like writing and cultivating relationships.  When I first started blogging for our health business, it became very time consuming and stressful.  I will, at some point, incorporate more things onto my blog that will make money, but he is not looking for that income.  For me, that allows for me to not have any pressure and to just take one day at a time.  
4. What movie would you watch over and over again? Any reason why?
I like movies like The Blind Side. I wrote about it here.  I could probably watch most movies like that over and over. 
5. Have you ever had the chance to meet any of the blogging friends that you have made?
Nope, not yet! I think Lanaya should be the first one.  There is another blogger who lives really close to me named Dara.  Her and Lanaya are about 30 minutes from me.  I feel like it would be a crime not to meet them first. 
6. Real tree or artificial, Christmas tree? 

I’ve had both! Our artificial tree worked well when I was growing up because we had storage for it.  The real tree can be annoying with all the needles that fall off. We just vacuumed that up every day or every other day. We have only had real trees, Harroll and me.  I can see the whole process of getting the real tree turning into a guys thing and then the process of decorating it a family tradition, as JR gets older. 


(me and hubby at Christmas when I was 6 months pregnant with J.R.)


7. Every year for Christmas, after the cookies are baked for Santa, we read “Twas The Night Before Christmas”. Do you have a Christmas tradition that you have started with your little one? If not, what is one that you would like to start?

Oops I sort of answered that question above.  I also want to do something where we go and get gifts for a local orphanage and we bring them to the kids on Christmas Day.  I’ve told Harroll about this idea and he thinks it is wonderful.  We didn’t do gifts last year and won’t be doing gifts this year because of finances, but when we have it, this idea could be in full swing.  I really don’t want my kids growing up to be spoiled.  And I think it could be a great way to teach them about giving and sharing with others and the less fortunate. 
8. You are such a beautiful and outgoing person through blogging. Would you say that you are the same face to face?
Aw! Thanks, Stacey! As far as being outgoing is concerned, I’m actually pretty similar in person. It’s funny because when I was my son’s age and up until about 8 or so, I would cry when I would be introduced to people I didn’t know. I was deathly shy.  When I got to high school, I came out of my shell. I started dancing and just was completely opposite. I honestly just love people and cultures.  I love learning about the differences and similarities.  I love that I can identify with them even when they live across the ocean or different parts of the country. And making them feel welcome and just talking with them? Makes me feel amazing inside!  I know I’m weird! But that’s me! Being like this helped me so much with my language skills, too. 
9. What is your favorite story to read to your little one?

Haha! At the moment, there are 2 books that we read often that I love because he has started to try to imitate the words and animal sounds.  One is a touch and feel book called  Baby At The Farm and that’s in English.  The other one is a story in Spanish about the miracle Jesus did with the fish and loaves of bread, it’s called Cinco panes y un par de peces (Five loaves and a couple of fish).  His reaction to them is so sweet. I literally should vlog it one day.  

10. If we were meeting for the first time, what kind of things would you plan for us to do? 

Hmm. If we were going to be here in Arizona, I would say you might want to enjoy the weather, so we could go sight seeing, perhaps see a movie, get a pedicure or something and of course get some food.  I’m not sure if you love Mexican, but Chipotle is a new fave for me, and I would enjoy taking you there for the first time if you haven’t tried it yet! 
That’s all folks!  Don’t forget to visit Stacey’s blog! Until next time!

Ask Away Friday with Christy from A Woman The World Deserves

I don’t always recall how exactly I found some of the amazing bloggers that I interact with, but Christy, I do recall! So I can remember one of us liked the other one’s Facebook page and the other returned the favor.  Next thing I know, this awesome comment was left on my post So Who Are You Exactly?  It was the first post I created that actually talked about who I truly I am.  It turns out, Christy and I have way too much in common and I love that! I love her blog and I try my best not to miss a post because I know how important supporting people truly is! Don’t forget to visit her blog to see how she answered my questions this week! 

So here are the questions that Christy asked me this week:
1.) How did you meet your husband? At what moment did you know that he was the one for you?I actually have a post here that I wrote that explains exactly how it all happened.  It’s not long, but it is a love story I’m sure you all will enjoy!

2.)What is one important value that you wish to instill into your son?
That’s easy! Christ first! :) . I think when I say that some people might imagine this religious person who prays at the same time everyday and is a churchgoer. Our most important focus will be on teaching him how to be a godly husband and father. I’m praying that he will be able to go to an assembly of believers when he has a family.  At the moment, we still haven’t been able to find one and we’ve been in Arizona for over a year now. 

3.) Since moving to Arizona, what is one thing that you absolutely love about where you are?
The weather! It is absolutely amazing! For 9 months of the year, we have what I feel is perfect weather. During this time the weather ranges between 90 degrees and 50 degrees during the day. We have cold nights in the winter and our winter is more like what the east coasters experience in the fall. 
(small picture but here is where we live)

4.) What is one thing that you miss about home? (restaurant, hangout spot, etc.)


I actually do not miss New Jersey at all. Before I went to visit for 2 weeks in October, I did miss my family and some old friends, but it took me a while to really miss them when we left in July 2012.  I still love them, but I am really happy here with my life that we have made in Arizona.

5.) What do you find the most pleasure in being a housewife?

My goodness! Where do I begin? I feel like I landed this career that I’ve waited so long to get into when I think about how excited I am about being a housewife.  I love serving my family everyday and being what they need day in and day out.  I enjoy cooking the more I do it.  Hubby is an awesome taste tester.  He loves just about everything I make.  I also love cleaning the house and like I said, just taking care of them in general.

6.) What do you enjoy the most about blogging?

Writing is a lot of fun but meeting people like you is what really makes me love it the most.  I could easily sit home and write things in a journal, but the blogosphere gives you the opportunity to engage with other writers and get to know them better as you read each other’s work.  It’s funny that I never even thought to blog before this year. I’m just glad and thankful that I am doing it now.

7.) So how do you homemake in style… share a few of your tried and true tidbits of being a homemaker and making it look easy?

Ahh this question comes before my post on this has gone live!  I have the post all ready for me to click publish, too! Without giving too much away, I think being a homemaker is not about just cleaning or making your family’s meals.  It is about creating an atmosphere of love and support for your husband and children; it is everything that involves making a home. As far as how one can do so with style, you all will have to come back to read my post next week! :)

8.) What would a perfect anniversary day look like?

This might sound weird, but because  hubby and I have experienced the toughest of times financially at various points in our marriage, it’s hard for me to think of something I would want realistically that usually involves a substantial amount of money.  I’ve become so content with nothing but my son and husband that honestly just a day with the two of them would be fine with me.  Hubby and I could have some intimate time together once our son is asleep. 
9.) When was a time that you struggled with something being a new wife and homemaker? How did you handle it?

I grew up with single moms all around me in my family so I was taught to go to school and get a career.  No one really focused on teaching me anything about what it looks like to be a good wife and homemaker. I also really always had a job starting at the age of 14 because I always needed to be able to get things for myself.  This created independence very early on for a lot of years. So when it came time to just be a wife and mom who relied on my husband as the provider, it seemed like a great idea, but in application, it was difficult.  At first, I tried to put my hands and concerns into too many things.  Coming to Arizona really allowed for God to really just deal with both of us on so many things that we were taught that were counter Bible and for me, that is when the true transformation and understanding of my roles began.  Because I desired to be a godly wife and mom, I learned to just focus on pleasing my husband and taking care of our son and our home.  I pray as I can. They are mostly short, simple prayers with my son now that I’m teaching him and also with hubby.  I rarely get a moment to be in a prayer closet so to speak and I know now that that is ok. God just wants me to please my spouse. 

10.) After going to Bloggy Boot Camp this past weekend, we were posed with the question regarding our blogs. A question I am still pondering. What is your endgame for your blog?
The main goal is to just have awesome relationships and to be able to just write. I want to always enjoy blogging.  I think as long as I stick to my main goal, I always will. 

That’s all folks!


Ask Away Friday with Mimi from Lipgloss and Binky

I have a pleasant surprise this week for Ask Away Friday.  I’m swapping questions with Mimi over at Lipgloss & Binky.  Isn’t her blog name the cutest?  She is my kind of girl – seems so girly and friendly.  It’s the vibe I got from her immediately in interacting with her on my favorite social media site.  For all my regular readers, you probably know that I’m talking about Twitter! :) .

Here are the questions Mimi asked me this week:
1.) When did you start blogging?
It’s funny how many times I’ve been asked this question because usually I think of my second blog and I say since April of this year. I actually started blogging about a month before that. I started a blog (before I knew anything about the blog world) about childhood obesity and health-related information.
2.) How many children do you want to have?
3! One is here, prayerfully 2 more to go!


3.) Have you ever traveled outside of the country? If so where did you go? If not where would you like to go?
Yes, I have been to Spain.  I studied abroad there for about 3 months.  I had a layover in London and it was cool eating there and using the pounds. :)
4.) Where are you from?
I’m originally from New Jersey. I lived there all of my life.  We moved to Arizona in July 2012.
5.) What is your dream career?
Being a wife and mom.  I’ve always wanted to have my own family. That is one thing about my dreams and goals that hasn’t really changed over the years.  I’m really happy with just being a wife, mom and homemaker.  I enjoy helping people by encouraging them to be healthy and I love to write, but these things are just hobbies. I honestly don’t really have any desire for them to turn into careers.
6.) What would you like to accomplish with your blog?
I really just love writing and connecting with other writers online through blogging.  Sometimes I think about how nice it would be to make extra money with my blog because I enjoy writing on it so much, but nothing has really caught my eye that will make me want to use that specific avenue to make money on a consistent basis.  Most ways to make money take me away from sticking to what I love doing or it makes me treat my blog like a business.  That isn’t really for me. I just want to enjoy writing and interacting with people. If I make money with it I will, if not, I will still love writing on my blog.  So my ultimate goal is to just continue loving to blog because if I don’t love it, there will be no reason to continue doing it.
7.) Would you rather cook or bake?
I cook a lot more than I bake, but I honestly don’t mind baking either.  Experimentation in the kitchen with both is just so much fun!  I enjoy both!
8.) Target or Walmart?
I’ve gone to Walmart a lot more perhaps because it is closer, but Target seems to be a little more chic when it comes to certain things, for lack of a better way to describe it lol! I have chosen Walmart because of convenience but Target is ok by me.
9.) If you could do one thing over again what would it be?
Not date. I honestly think prior to hubby all of those relationships were a waste of time.  I say that because when he came to me he wasn’t trying to find himself or was unsure about what he wanted in life.  He came to me looking for a wife. After pursuing me for a while, we ended up having our first date at a gym. He layed all his cards out on the table and told me what he was looking for.  We got engaged 2 months later and married 6 weeks after that. You can read about our story here. If I could have avoided breaking some hearts by doing it over and not dating before him, I honestly would.
10.) How many siblings do you have?
I have 2 siblings: my brother and a my sister.  I’m the oldest. My brother is 26 and my sister is 14.
 (a small picture of me and my siblings on my wedding day)

Don’t forget to visit Mimi’s blog to see what I asked her this week! Until next time! 


Ask Away Friday with Joi from RX Fitness Lady

The Real Housewife of Caroline County
In this week’s edition of Ask Away Friday, I have the awesome privilege of swapping questions with Joi from RX Fitness Lady. You can click on the image below to find out how she answered my questions this week:  

Joi is a pharmacist and a health coach that is extremely positive and inspiring to those around her to say the least.  She’s one blogger that I’m excited to begin to get to know better and include in my network of blogger buddies!  Here are the questions Joi asked me this week:

Are you currently living your dreams, on the way there, or not even close?

I am actually currently living my dream.  I can remember thinking and praying when I was a little girl that I could start my own family and be a good wife and mother and as I got older my prayer was to marry right person as well.  My husband and son make me feel like I got even more than I ever dreamed of. 

What fall TV show is at the top of your weekly must watch list & why?

I am horrible at this – keeping up with shows that come on TV. When I do find the time, which is at random when I’m relaxing usually when my guys are asleep and I get a moment of personal time, I watch food network. I’m thinking of taping the show Cousins on HGTV because I really wanted to watch it but I keep missing it. My routine can just vary depending on what’s up with my little guy and my husband.  I love positive stories so shows like Cousins and Undercover Bosses catch my attention.  We recently started watching seasons that we DVRed of Friday Night Lights. I don’t think that comes on anymore but hubby got me into it so we watch one of the seasons that come on Friday nights mostly.

What is your favorite book in the bible?

This is too difficult to select just one. The reason being is because there are so many different things that you can get from different books.  I enjoy them all for that reason.  I mean loving Jesus Christ means that I love the entire Bible too because we believe He is the word that just became flesh.

Please share with us wannabes a bowling tip!

Hubby is the TV watcher for sure and also the bowling expert.  I have learned a few things from him that I love to perfect when we get to the bowling alley though.  Most inexperienced bowlers, (like me,) don’t realize that you have to look at the arrows and use those when you are trying to aim at a specific target.  The more difficult thing to master for me and many others from what I hear, is being consistent and being able to know which arrow to aim towards depending on the pins that you need to knock down.  I usually aim to hit the center arrow but often my hand wavers to the far left and it shows in the pins that I knock down.

What are your favorite places to shop for yourself?

I used to love Express! Nowadays I enjoy stores like Marshall’s and TJMaxx. I’m just like why pay more when you can enjoy the same style for less.  I’ve also become a thrifter.  I haven’t bought anything extremely recently for myself but when I do, I enjoy finding deals and styles that aren’t always in but looks that I love.

What advice can you offer single women about choosing a husband?

If you aren’t a Christian, I’m honestly not sure how to answer this because my primary answer has to do with praying and asking God for guidance.  I believe people aren’t always what they seem so being patient even if someone comes along and to allow God to show you this person and praying that He will help you to marry the right one is key. When I say be patient, I don’t necessarily mean wait a year or 2 to get married either.  Many people who have married the right person, myself included, didn’t need all that time to see if someone was right or not.  Don’t ignore the signs is all.  I’ve learned that it is easier to see the signs before you get too emotionally involved. It sounds old school but being too intimate too early can cloud your judgment.

You have cute pictures. I can’t tell if you are natural, relaxed, or what, Please share how you maintain your hair during workouts.

Thank you so much for that compliment! I’m actually natural and have been for nearly 10 years now.  Some people still don’t understand why my mom ever permed my hair in the first place.  She did what she thought was best I’m sure.  I mostly wear my hair naturally curly which is the easiest to maintain when I break out in sweats during my workouts.  I usually am wetting it in the shower daily so that my curls stay fresh.  If I wear my hair straight, putting it in a ponytail when I’m lazy is something I’ve done but wrapping my hair is also something I do if I’m working out at home.  I try not to wear scarves on my head in public.  Hubby doesn’t like that look and I don’t blame him.

How has hosting/co-hosting linkys helped or harmed your blog?

Well for this blog, I think that they have opened up more opportunities to connect with other bloggers and to find more blogs that interest me. The traffic that linkies can bring to your blog is great for increasing pageviews as well.  

The linkies haven’t harmed my blog in any way that I’m aware of currently.  The one thing that has me a little bit disheartened is the fact that I love cultivating my relationships with bloggers by becoming a regular to their blog by showing comment love and support but in increasing the blogs I learn about, it finds me feeling guilty when I don’t have time to comment and read all the blogs I’m starting to follow. I love writing and connecting with people so blogging has become something I have really come to love.  It is a real hobby so I guess I take that aspect too much to heart.

What is the biggest lesson you learned in blogging so far?

Just be me! When I first started blogging I didn’t understand what I was getting into and the type of blog I created didn’t really permit me to just be the person I am in real life. I felt like I was always providing tips and not just sharing my writing and life with people like I love to do so much.

I’ve heard you’re really engaging socially, how do you manage time across social networks? 

Wow! That is so nice that people are saying that about me.  I find that Twitter and Google plus are the 2 places that you can get really chatty with people. I put most of my energy there. Twitter is on my phone so I can tweet even between my time on the PC.  Google Plus and Pinteret are viewed when I have a new post. I pin the post, follow people back, etc then I share my latest posts publicly to Google Plus.  I’ve joined communities where I can share my post, they share my post and I share other people’s content as well in the group. This is sort of my one pit stop in this network for the week.  It beats me running around to a billion communities trying to share my content.  Always thanking people and trying my best at responding to comments on posts. Facebook automatically updates but I check it once a week to make sure I’m returning likes and comments. 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed answering!  You can click the Ask Away Friday button up top to read more questions that were answered by other bloggers this week! Until next time! 


Ask Away Friday with Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama

Welcome to another edition of Ask Away Friday.  This week I’m honored to be partnered with Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama.  Nellie is this spunky, gorgeous wife and mom who wonderfully juggles it all: career, fitness and motherhood.  Her bubbly and outgoing personality shines through the moment you visit her blog Brooklyn Active Mama.  I’m so excited that we recently became blog buddies! :)   Don’t forget to visit Nellie’s site to see how she responded this week to my questions I asked her.  Here is what Nellie asked me this week:

1) If you could travel to one place all expenses paid, where would it be?

Bora Bora! At first I was thinking a tropical, Spanish speaking country because I still have never been to Latin America but then I came across Bora Bora and I thought, that could be a trip of a lifetime. The photos of that place look absolutely beautiful. I think hubby will take me to a few Latin American countries in our lifetime so Bora Bora it would be!

2) Name your favorite cartoon as a child and why.

Hmm…I used to like several but I think Rugrats was at least in the top 2.  Angelica sometimes reminded us of my olders cousins who some of the cousins complained was really bossy.  (Back then I didn’t really notice, but now that I’m older I guess I can see what they meant.)  Sometimes we would laugh and say that I was Susie.  Tommy, Chuckie and the twins Phil and Lil were always up to something like me and my cousins and little brother so we loved that show.

3) If you had a choice of designers to dress you for an important event who would you choose?

 Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada… I only know them up close by their beautiful shoes and bags, but there were some really nice dresses I can remember seeing the last couple of years on the red carpet that I really liked by them too.

4) Who was your most inspiring teacher in school?

 Her name is Mrs. Kerber. She was my freshmen and then senior English teacher. I just loved her humor and the way she talked. She used to say in her high pitched voice when she was shocked, “Mother of God.” What I loved most about her was her genuine desire for us all to succeed and to be better writers. I can remember her spending extra time on grammar when she realized that our AP English class needed extra attention in that area. It wasn’t apart of the curriculum and I think that really demonstrated the type of person she was. She really made an impact on me and I felt so privileged to be in her class twice during my high school years.

5) Name one current and old school song that makes you get up and dance.

It’s so hard to answer this question. I’m not really into mainstream music. I’m not really a fan of anything old either. The most dancing that I do is with my little guy when his favorite videos come on. I sometimes use some ballet techniques to workout but I don’t use music when I do these. I created a YouTube video for some of them and searching for even just a tune in the background took a while. I thought it could be weird to people if it was completely silent in the background so I tried to pick something!

6) What is your favorite exercise? What is your least favorite?

 I love ballet bar warmups. I’ve recently started doing it again and I love the way my entire body feels when I do it. I love what push ups can do but I literally don’t have much upper body strength to endure them. Even when I danced 5 days a week in high school I still wasn’t strong enough to do too many of them correctly. I guess I never really liked them.

7) What is the biggest lesson you want your kids to learn?

Stand for Christ no matter what.

8) Favorite quote? 

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

9) Favorite Michael Jackson song? why?

I may shock people who love him which is probably 98% of the world lol, but I am not a fan of Michael at all :)

10) What is your Dream Job?

I’ve always wanted to help people for a living. I’ve evolved in terms of the ways that I have done this. In certain ways I’ll find myself motivating or encouraging others for a season and in the past I did different service jobs to help others, but my dream job, the one that I’m already doing 24/7 no matter what, is homemaking and just being a wife and mom. I love it so much that I created a blog about it. :)

You can check out the other bloggers involved this week by clicking the button below:

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Ask Away Friday with The Missus V from The Vanilla Housewife

It’s time for another edition of Ask Away Friday!  You all have no idea how much I enjoy this new linkup each week!  I’ve really gotten to know the bloggers who participate.  It really is just a great time!  This week I’ve partnered with Jhanis also known as The Missus V over at The Vanilla Housewife.  I became connected to her via Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County when Penny initally opened up this idea of Ask Away Friday several weeks back.  Immediately when you head over to her blog you will be taken aback by the stick figure pictures that she uses as photos of her family.  I learned very quickly through Ask Away Friday that she uses them instead of actual photos because that is just what works better for her family.  Honestly, I think it was the best decision because I literally crack up laughing when she writes and intertwines the images into her blog posts.  She has this extremely rare humor that will have you wanting to keep reading more and more about her wonderful life as a wife and mommy.  Don’t forget to check out her blog to see what her responses were to my questions this week! 
Here is Missus V:
So here are the questions that Missus V asked me this week:
1. Who are YOU in 3 sentences? 

I’m an adamant believer in Jesus Christ.

I’m a wife and a mother. 

I’m a homemaker who loves encouraging others. 

2. What is your nightly ritual?

Typically after dinner, I get me and baby ready for bed. We sit with Daddy until he goes off to bed which is pretty early because he works really early in the morning. Then I get some books and I read to JR. Then at around 10ish I bring baby into the room in the bed with me and I turn off the lights and TV and I nurse him (and sing to him sometimes) to sleep. Once he’s just about sleeping, I head out of the room to get online to write blog posts and read other blogs :) When I get back in the bed, I typically read some scriptures on my Bible app before I go to sleep and/or pray. 

3. Show me your favorite place and why is it your favorite?


Lately it’s this chair. I like sitting here because it’s a rocking chair and a recliner.  The fabric is pretty comfy too.  This chair is in our living room but it’s not so far that I can’t hear my baby if he cries for me in the middle of the night while I’m blogging, praying or reading my Bible. 

4. What is your worst habit?

Biting the cuticle and around my nail beds. I do well with not doing it for a while and then I start again without even realizing it. Sigh! 

5. How do you cope with stress?

I talk about it with Hubby when something is bothering me. He has a way with always making me feel better after talking to him. When I’m extremely upset and he’s at work and unable to talk I usually pray about it. Thankfully I don’t get like this often. 

6. Would you describe yourself as simple or vain?

I think most women have a tendency to be vain at times. We are more into appearance (beauty, hair and makeup for example) typically more than men so I would have to say I am pretty simple but I have times where I’m into those things I described above which might be considered somewhat vain. 

7. When was the last time you got so mad and what did you do?

Mad? Hmm…I might get frustrated or upset to the point of crying once in a while, but mad makes me think of anger. I’m trying to think of the last time I felt extremely angry. I guess it could be a good thing that I can’t think of the last time I was mad. 

8. Describe your typical day.

Baby and I get up usually between 8 and 10am.  If he is asleep when I wake up, I usually get online to check emails and messages on social media. Once he’s awake, I make us breakfast. After breakfast and somewhat during, I put on PBS for him. He plays and watches off and on. Once breakfast is done I usually clean at least one room in the house and/or do some laundry. Once i feel my food is settled, i do a small series of workouts. After that I usually wash us both up to get dressed for the day. After that I may clean something else and/or play with baby. It’s usually either nap time for him at this point or lunch time. If he eats, if its almost 3pm, I head outside for a walk since its not as hot outside anymore. I take him out in our stroller and at certain points i let him out to play. He will usually take a nap while he is in the stroller outside if he didn’t nap earlier. If he did nap before we went outside, I still go outside with no stroller just so he can run around and explore a bit. 

While he naps, I usually take that time to hop on the computer to do more blog stuff. If we were outside, once he wakes up, we go back inside and its usually time for Daddy to come home and for me to start dinner. After dinner, I clean up. Daddy sits with us for a little bit and then it’s time for our night time ritual. 

9. What is usually the highlight of your week? 

When hubby is home! With his new work schedule it has been on the weekends. I love Sundays. It’s football season and we are major Cowboys fans :)

10. I think you know this already, what’s in the bag?

This is a pefect example of how becoming of Mom changes everything.  If you all knew me pre-Mommy you would see that I was a lot more into fashion during that time.  This is my baby’s diaper bag that I got from our baby shower.  I usually bring this out with us and just throw my wallet in there.  We don’t go out right now to too many places that often where I need to bring this bag, but when we do, I pack a few toys in here (like that truck) and there are some receiving blankets and a diaper changing pad.  I have the other stuff in there like a few diapers, snack and Desitin, too! :)  
Well, that’s all my questions I’ve been asked this week.  Don’t forget to check out my questions to Missuv V at her blog here.  You can also read the other quetions and answers from the participants we have this week as well below.  If you’re interested in joining us, send me an email under my Contact section and I’ll be sure to let Penny (the blogger who started this wonderful linkup) know you are joining us next week!  

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