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This is my first post for Ten Things of Thankful of 2014! I’m so excited to make linking up to this blog hop more of a habit because I love the community and I love the idea of forcing myself to search for specific things to be thankful for in my life (no sarcasm here! lol).

Ok….so..I’m thankful for the fact that:

1) I’ve had morning sickness and fatigue.  I didn’t have my first doctor’s appointment for this pregnancy earlier on (like the 7th or 8th week like last time), so constant morning sickness and fatigue has been almost like a blanket of assurance that more than likely everything is going normal.  Even with more relaxation and less worry this time around, waiting for that 1st trimester to pass by knowing it’s the period when most miscarriages happen can put a little bit of concern in some inner most layer of your being until you get to that 14th week.  My appointment is next Friday.  I will definitely be sharing that with you all because I’ve heard and learned some things I will be asking my doctor about this time around.

2)  I came across this wonderful blog hop.  I’m enjoying getting to know so many of you each time I link up.

3)  I get to see this adorable face everyday.

My son

4)  I get to hear JR say the funniest things as he tries to say words, letters and phrases while he watches his favorite shows on PBS.  If I’m not paying attention while he’s watching, I could miss him saying a few new words a week now.  Just last night he actually said “pizza” a few times! Two syllable words or phrases are rare.  The only one he has said up until this point is “thank you.”  :)

5)  A husband who caters to my random food cravings.  (Pizza, steak, cheeseburgers and BBQ ribs or chicken to name a few.)

6)  Some really amazing blog friends: Tamara, Joi, Rea, and Janine.  There are more of you, but I wanted to take a moment to give you ladies a shot out.  The exchange that has been happening between our comments….words can’t describe how warm my heart feels to read your responses to what I write! I’m really enjoying getting to know you ladies from the bottom of my heart.

7)  This new blogger Adrienne Smith that I’ve just started to interact act with.  Through Adrienne, I have also gotten to known Gail Gardner.  I had this amazing convo with Gail the other night and it just amazes me how 2 people who don’t know me that well could be so willing to help me out.  If you haven’t connected with these ladies, you definitely should reach out.  Adrienne is the engagement guru that I so desire to be with my readers and in the blog community and like Gail, also has so many resources to really help take your blog to the next level.  After talking to Gail, I realize that the fact that I have a lot to learn is a real understatement, but as you regulars probably know, I always enjoy the journey!

8)  For mornings like this where my little angel is asleep and I get to catch up on comments, blog reading and freely write a post like this one. :)

9)  I caught myself when I wanted to complain that my husband no longer has Fridays off.  Having 3 day weekends with him for so many months truly spoiled me.  I do, however, find it to be rather awesome and I’m extremely grateful that he now gets to come home a lot earlier now that he works Monday through Friday. It turns out the bright side is a real bonus!

10)  Last but not least, my new friend Ashley.  I really don’t have real life friends.  For so many reasons, I guess.  For one, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to connect with certain people and second of all, I just haven’t found the right ones.  Ashley doesn’t live in Arizona.  She’s actually currently residing in Texas.  She’s single but aspires to be the kind of wife and mom that I focus on being everyday.  We believe the same way, we have similar pasts and upbringings..the girl just gets it.  I know you don’t get to meet people like this too often so I truly cherish the small amount of time thus far that we have been friends.  I don’t like trying to determine if people are lifelong friends or best friends all the time anymore because in life, sometimes you just have to pray you are doing the right thing, seek direction from your standards (for me it’s my Bible), and just let things happen.  I will say that if it be God’s will, I pray that we will be connected and close for life.  :)

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!


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  • Brittnei, thank you so much for your kind words here and seriously I hope you know ho much I value our friendship and conversations now through blogging. I totally look forward to them and can't thank you enough for all your support. Means the world to me and totally makes me so very happy. So thank you again and wishing you a wonderful weekend! :)
    My recent post Happy New Year ~ My Blogging Goal for 2014 with FTSF

  • tamaralikecamera

    Aw!! I'm feeling so warm-hearted by the connections lately too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!
    And I hear you about the new words. Des woke up today with about ten new words and phrases. He even whined to my friend, "I don't want it!" when she tried to put his coat on. She was stunned. He's very opinionated!
    My recent post Looking Back and Looking Ahead.

    • Brittnei Washington

      Des is such a talker! I hope one day you can get him on video. Hehe! I totally thought to mention you in the post after I emailed you yesterday. I'm sure it wasn't too much of a bother that I expressed my tender-heartedness in our exchanges lately twice. :)

  • So awesome that you are doing the 10 things of thankful – sounds like you have lots to be thankful for. Your little boy is so cute!!!
    My recent post Well, the Break Is Over but There Is Still Plenty to Enjoy!!!

  • Awww, I'm overwhelmed by the mention of my name. Thank you for your sweet words Brittnei! You just don't know how I'm learning so much from you and from your blog everyday and from every post you write. You've been an amazing blogger friend yourself, thanks for the support! I used to complain about my husband's work schedule too as he has Tuesdays & Wednesdays off instead of weekends but I've learned to look at the bright side that it's beneficial for us since we can take turns of looking after our son :)
    My recent post You've Got To Find What You Love

    • Brittnei Washington

      AW! So glad that you can find yourself and helpful things by following my blog, Rea. I really enjoy our interaction. I hope my mention of you really expressed that deep appreciation I have for it! xo

  • While the morning sickness is uncomfortable and miserable sometimes, I, too, was always thankful for it. To me it meant the baby was strong and growing and all was well. So, I'm not going to say "I'm sorry you are feeling so yucky." Instead, I'm glad you are feeling crummy.
    It helps to have a great husband willing to cater to your cravings. :)
    It is so fun to watch a toddler start to talk. I always wonder, out of all the words we speak in a day, why does the child choose the ones he does when it is his turn to learn to talk? I can't imagine it's because you all eat pizza every day.
    And PBS is awesome. My kids always watched it at 5:00 as I made dinner. Clifford was a favorite of mine.
    So glad you are linking up with us again!
    My recent post Sauerkraut Is a Polarizing Taste, and Other News From Our Break (7QT and FTSF)

    • Brittnei Washington

      Christine, you bring up such a valid point about toddlers talking! If I had to try to access what gets my son saying certain words it might be is fondness of them. Like when he first start saying "thank you" at like 13 months or something, it seemed he enjoyed the sound of it and repeating what we were saying. As far as pizza is concerned, he is always excited and runs to the kitchen when we are having it even though it's not everyday. I'm starting to think it's his favorite food just like his Daddy lol. :)

  • So happy for your that your pregnancy is progressing along nicely; the first trimester will be over before you know it, and then the morning sickness should subside.

    Mumford the Magician from Sesame Street taught my son "ala peanut butter sandwiches," but my son pronounced it more like "mimi annanas". It took me FOREVER to figure out what he was saying! :-)

    • Brittnei Washington

      Oh my goodness, Kristi! That should be coming very soon and I'll enjoy trying to figure out even the more what my son is trying to say. For now the 1 or 2 word or syllable words have been fairly easy since I watch him try to repeat something directly after it is said on PBS or after we say it, but seeing him at your son's age trying to say more things should be pretty adorable and hilarious!

  • Paying is forward and giving back are two of my main mottos, especially when it comes to blogging. If only I ran across more posts like this one I think we'd all have more support and friends. I'm glad to be connected with you and look forward to a lasting friendship! :-)

    I know the fatigue all too well, but you got your honeymoon stage of pregnancy right around the corner. You should definitely get some relief and reassurance by then. Can't wait for your update!
    My recent post How Having a Baby Has Saved Me Money

    • Brittnei Washington

      Tenns, I truly hope that the morning sickness will fade for me by the 14th week! I've heard of pregnancies where it doesn't go away for a lot longer :( I'll be honest and say that I have been feeling a little better day by day. Like yesterday, I had a lot of fatigue since I'm night weaning JR and have nights where I don't get a full nights rest and because of the pregnancy, but I didn't have sickness or queasiness until night time. So much better than all day off and on. So perhaps I will be like the fortunate women who only have it until the 2nd trimester :)

  • This is a sweet post. Thx for including me. The feeling is mutual dear and I want to make a few new friends this year, so I'll pop in on your mentions.

  • sharonfutrellhodge

    I love your "thankful list." It really is easy to find lots of things to be thankful for in our lives when we stop focusing on what we think is wrong. So glad to know that everything is going good with your pregnancy. I didn't have morning sickness with either of my girls, just a whole lot of hunger and tons of eating. Loved those days.
    My recent post How to Make Snow Cream

    • Brittnei Washington

      Oh you were so blessed! I hear so often when moms are pregnant with girls that sometimes they don't have any morning sickness! I know that doesn't necessarily mean I'm having a boy. I look forward to finding out for sure :)

  • Dyanne@IWantBacksies

    Oh, morning sickness! I had all-day sickness, but fortunately, it was just nausea and never throwing up. I was always nibbling on something, trying to find the thing that would make me feel better (with my first, it was sharp cheese and peanut butter, but not together). It is a great litmus test to know that things are progressing.

    Your son is darling! Love the picture of him holding those little socks! PBS is great for kids. Just don't get him started on that whiny Caillou!

    So glad you are feeling the sense of community in our TToT blog hop! Sometimes, bloggy friends are just what you need when you need a friend.

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thank you so much! I do find myself at times trying things to figure out what helps it, but it is the fatigue and the nauseated feeling that makes me too sick or lazy to get up and do too much. I've tried to find a balance. I kept saying how lazy I felt for the longest because I wasn't cleaning as much or I would lay around most of the day, but I'm cutting myself some slack since I often feel horrible most of the day. I will say it seems to be trying to fade a little. A little ginger ale has worked a bit and I guess eating like rice cakes or saltines has too.

  • I've been feeling the same way. Somehow, more friendships are built online these days! Thanks for sharing this list of thankfuls!
    My recent post Taking Aim

    • Brittnei Washington

      Hey Michelle! I'm reading this book about female friendships now and it literally is helping me to see the evolution of life and how it's not a bad thing if I'm not still friends with childhood friends or people I went to college with. I'm a different person with very different beliefs now and I live really far from a lot of people. I think having been online as my new self has really helped me to connect with other women who I am now starting to comfortably call blog friends which is becoming a more real thing to me :)

  • Hey Brittnei I am coming over from the SITS Sharefest. This is a great post. I am thankful that I am finally feeling like I found my place in the world. I have been free falling for a few years and this year I am looking forward to planting my feet on the ground and finding some stability. Money is good, relationship is OK and this week I find out about a new job, so things are definitely looking up in 2014.

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks so much for stopping by! That sounds so wonderful for you! I really hope that you get this job since it sounds like it is something that you truly want :)

  • Yeah for your first doctors appointment! I love hearing the baby's heartbeat. That pic of JR is so cute.

    I don't really have any RL friends either but I'm trying to change that this year. It's supposed to be good for you and with Jason being disabled, sometimes I just need to get out of the house. :)
    My recent post 1/4: The Skinny

    • Brittnei Washington

      Yea I can't wait to share that experience with you guys. Hopefully I'll have some interesting things that I can share. I honestly don't really try to make friends. I just go places when I can and I'm always myself with people. I've heard being myself tends to come off as bubbly, welcoming and nice so that's a good thing. :) I've just been patient and waiting for the right people. I think Ashley is definitely one of these right people. I actually met her because she reached out to me online. :)

  • bakinginatornado

    I love all your thankfuls, but especially the ones about connections. Whether IRL or through blogging, connections matter, and we all value the people who are there for us.
    My recent post The Family Bang Checker

  • Brittnei, even if she's just a 'friend for now' or a 'friend for this season', that counts and is worth cherishing. I'm glad you have her.

    It's so wonderful that you like our little TToT community so much – it seems to have a pretty unique warmth and 'feel' to it, and it warms my heart each time someone feels called to comment on it. I think it's something so special, and I love that you're excited about being part of it.

    I pray every blessing on the remainder of your pregnancy, and that it's thoroughly and completely textbookly boring. Thanks for sharing the photo and the joy of your gorgeous son :)

    • Brittnei Washington

      Aww…thank you so much for everything you said and for hosting this awesome hop! I love how you said you hope it's textbookly boring. That's an awesome way to describe and so do I!

  • You have lots going on and lots to be thankful for. Congrats on the little one on the way. Look forward to getting to know you.

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thank you so much! I feel like I do have a lot going on but at the same time it's my life….so I never really think about it until I have to write it down or blog about it :)

  • The friends I talk to the most are my blogging friends. And I love this TToT network. Good to see you again, and your little boy is precious!
    My recent post TToT6: Plodding into the New Year

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks so much, Sarah! Before Ashley, I definitely only talked to blog friends because that's all I had. I still interact with blog friends a whole lot though. It's just nice to have her in my life now too :) I'm so glad to be apart of the party again this week!

  • I can relate to the incredible connections that are made (and friendships develop) due to the nature of the blogosphere. It is very cool.
    Glad you're enjoying the TToT, as blgohops go it is, without reservation, the best one on the scene today, not just because of a constantly challenging 'topic' but because of the variety of people who participate regularly. Fun.

    • Brittnei Washington

      I had no idea blogging would be like this. The reason why I started and how I thought it all worked was just not this. So glad I was in for a really sweet surprise. :)

  • I would be happy if I got to look at that face every day too! And for great blogging friends, it is amazing the connections we make in this blogging world, who knew?
    My recent post Indoctrination Into Thankful

  • Awww… this is super encouraging! It's nice to stop and appreciate all the relationships we have around us. And your JR is a cutie!
    My recent post My Life Book 2014

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks so much, Dee. I truly love the idea of making myself be specific about all that I have to be thankful for. :)

  • That face is adorable – I think he looks like his Mommy. :) I'm glad you've found an in person friend, Brittnei. Maybe when the baby is born you will connect with some other new moms who you feel you could have friendships with (and friends for your children!). If you are looking for that, I hope you find it.
    My recent post Oh, what a year

    • Brittnei Washington

      Dana, you are so right. I recently went to a play date for Phoenix Mommies and I said now that we do have a car, perhaps sometimes I can take my husband to work (if they have something during the week) and head over to their gathering to get to be around other moms. My husband wakes up pretty early for work so hopefully they will have things on weekends that I can go to. :)

  • What a cutie you have there. I hope things continue going well with your pregnancy.
    My recent post Sunday Slideshow: Lazy Sunday afternoon

  • Those are wonderful things to be thankful for. I'm glad that the pregnancy is normal! I know that first trimester can be scary sometimes. I love th fact that you linked up with 10 Thankful Things! I will soon. I have so many things on my "to do" list, for which I'm completely thankful! :) It's better than having nothing to do. Hang in there!
    My recent post Have a Paleogasm in the Middle of the Day

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks, April! This hop is really nice. I'm proud to report that today I have mild sickness so I'm thinking it is starting to wane a little. Text book pregnancy just like the first one so far. LOL.

  • Glad things are going well with your pregnancy, and your little guy is so adorable!! I love that age. They grow up way too fast! Loved your thankful list and you've got some pretty wonderful blogging friends too! :)

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks, Michelle! You're definitely one of the blog friends, Michelle! I just like to call out different ones from time to time. :) I hope you had a great weekend!

      • Oh I know you consider me a blog friend! :) I think the ones you called out are great too! We had a great weekend, thanks! Skiing in Vermont…my husband and I took 9 teenagers up there with us. But we came home to no heat…it was a very cold night! Someone is coming to fix it this morning!
        My recent post 2013 Top Posts: A Few Surprises

        • Brittnei Washington

          Really? That sounds amazing. I know I hate snow, but doing something like that sounds like it could be so much fun. Besides, it's not like I would have to come home to snow, too! I hope you all get that heat fixed pronto! xo

  • Such a magical time when our little ones start to speak and put words together. I wish Katie Rose were that little again. I am glad to meet you through the TToT hop. I will check out your links too. ;)
    My recent post 10 Things of Thankful by the Skin of My Teeth

  • These are all such wonderful things to be thankful, Brittnei and oh my goodness, how cute is your little man JR?? He's adorable. I definitely know what you mean about appreciating the morning sickness as a sign that everything's going okay. I'm really looking forward to reading your updates about your pregnancy over the coming months. Good luck for your appointment if I don't get a chance to wish you luck before then! :)
    My recent post Christmas Recap – {Twelve} Things of Thankful

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thank you, Lizzy! JR is a little piece of work. He is so funny with our he tries to do so much on his own now and imitate me and Daddy, too. I need to get some of this stuff on video. Of course, every time I turn the video on he tries to look at it and hold it so I can't get too much on video while he's noticing what I'm doing. LOL. I am excited for my appointment too. I have some interesting questions for my doctor and I can't wait to explain to you all what happens and how he responds, etc. :)

  • I am so glad that you joined TToT! Your posts are very uplifting and a reminder to be thankful for so many things, big and small! I am glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well and hope it continues. It's fun to be able to share it with you! Your son is so handsome and I love when they start putting the words together. And "Thank You"? Fantastic first phrase! You have some excellent blog friends you have shouted out and I am with you on having few real life friends. I have found more connections here than in the "real world". I still haven't figured out why, lol!! My philosophy on friendship has always been quality over quantity so that would be another reason. I am glad that you have found that in your friend. Have a great week!
    My recent post Better Late Than Never: The First TToT of 2014

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks so much, Sandy! For me, not making just any type of friends is intentional. I'm a believer in Christ, so I take it extremely seriously who I call and bring around as a friend in real life. I think about how people are raising their kids, etc. All of it not only affects me but also my family. So far, I think I might want to go to Phoenix Mommy stuff in my area to give them a try. I think a little exposure to other moms won't be too bad lol. I went to a playdate they had and all the parents weren't all believers, but at least we were on the same page about many things to the point where I was comfortable enough around them to enjoy their company. I couldn't test how my son enjoyed playing with the kids because he slept the entire time we were there! LOL.

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