Blogging in 2014

Bloggin In 2014

I’ve seen posts in the blogosphere that are more of a reflection of how bloggers feel about 2013 and what they have accomplished personally and on their blogs.  I’ve also seen posts with reinvented strategies for coming up with New Year’s resolutions be it just focusing on one word, a list of goals or classic resolutions.  I’ll be honest, I’ve avoided being tagged or coming up with posts that would make me either reflect on 2013 or find me needing to create actual goals for the new year.  This might sound strange for some of my readers who are excessive planners or who like to create lists.

When I was growing up, at a very early age I was taking care of myself like a grown person; working and buying my own clothes and paying for my own personal bills; always planning and creating goals for my future and the next phase in my life.  I honestly feel like up until I had my son, I was always planning for what was next and never stopping to just enjoy life and smell the roses.  So, after he was born and I realized how fast time was going, and I also realized that if I was so busy planning for a future that I couldn’t predict, I would plan my life away and never enjoy living it.

My goals for my life are simple: to live a life that is pleasing to God, to follow His plan and to accomplish His will for my life every day that I am living.  All of my values and way of doing this are on His list of importance for me: be a stellar wife and mom that he created me to be, take good care of my home and my body.  These goals really don’t change from year to year so I’m sorry y’all but I don’t have a new list to share with you :(.  As far as the details are concerned with how I will maintain my health and take care of my family, I just like to take it one day at a time.  It might sound strange that I don’t have goals like “becoming a homeowner by 30,” or “to visit this country or that,” but I feel like me and hubby just like to let life happen.  If we come across a situation where we are ready to buy for some reason this year, then we will.  If we get a chance to go to a specific place for vacation, then we’ll go.  We love to decide on things as they arise because you just never know which way things will go.

This might give you all an idea of how spontaneous and just content with living life and seeing how it goes we really are:  when my husband realized he had an opportunity to move to Arizona with his job, we decided on it the day he told me about it and we moved within the next 2 weeks, never looking back to NJ.  Did we start off 2012 with a resolution to move across country? Nope.  We just woke up one day and there was an opportunity so we decided to move. :)  No worries! I love reading all of your goals and list of dreams and to do lists.  For some people, this really helps to keep them focused and accountable among other reasons they might want to write their goals down.  I’m just letting you guys know how I am as a person.  I just concern myself with today because tomorrow has enough concerns for me to think about when tomorrow comes.

So what are my blogging goals for 2014?  I just want to keep doing what I love doing: writing and interacting with all of you wonderful people.  It’s the reason why I created this blog in the first place.  Making money with my blog has never been on my list of priorities.  I sign up for opportunities here and there that interest me and I do things to grow my followings and my blog when I can, but my main goal is to just enjoy writing and getting to know you all.  If I can make money while I’m enjoying those two things, that’s just a bonus. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year and I’m so looking forward to getting to know more bloggers and the ones I’ve already connected with even more! :)


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  • I think it's really great that your goals are simple. And one thing I've learned from my husband is to live the present and to not worry too much about the far future. One thing that I can also say from what you've shared is that no matter how we plan our lives, there will always be times when we will take a detour simply because that's where God wants us to be and that's for a reason. I love your simple life and I love how I am so learning to live mine in a simple way too. :)
    My recent post You've Got To Find What You Love

    • Brittnei Washington

      Yea Rea, being a wife and mom where you don't provide for the family financially and handle any aspect of the money and just focus on taking care of the home, love the family and nurture the kids has really changed me and helped me to see things differently. I know you're a Christian so you might appreciate my focus on the example of a marriage that the Bible gives which is Christ and the church. I've focused more on modeling my marriage after that and my trust and faith in God and my husband has really made me really take a chill pill and live day to day like your husband suggests :)

  • I wish I could be more like this. I'm often told, I can't plan every aspect of my life….duh….if I could, I'd of been married and mothering by now :) My word for the year is balance so maybe I can adopt some of "Brittnei's" way. It sounds magical reading your post, lol…but seriously it sounds carefree & would do type A some good in the stress relief dept. Kudos to you for always being a leader and paving your own way. All the best continuing your healthy living lifestyle.

    • Brittnei Washington

      It was scary I think at first when I was learning that I had to do this since I think before I got married and was single I might have been a lot more like you. But then I realized a serious pattern of never being able to control the outcome of anything and then feeling disappointment when things didn't go my way. Reading the Bible more and taking this role in my home where I don't provide financially at all for my family and I don't have any control over the finances really took me to this place even the more. I was just telling Rea that when I began to focus more on my marriage as the biblical example of Christ and the church, I began to have way more faith in God and my husband and I began to feel silly for trying to be in control of so much and predict outcomes. :)

  • The Vanilla Housewife

    happy New Year Brittnei! Wow! I just realized I have not been to your blog for several weeks now! Fabulous new look!
    Love your goals in life. We really don't know what God's plans for us are and the only thing we can do is do our best and continuously ask for his guidance.
    For my blogging goals, I would like to be able to get self hosted this year but I'm not too serious about it. It will come at the right time. :)
    Wishing you the best this 2014!

    • Brittnei Washington

      Hey beautiful! You are right! It's been a while since either of us have visited each other's blogs in a while. I changed my design after I went self-hosted on WordPress at the beginning of December I believe it was. I will say transferring has been a bummer for my google rank that was slowly climbing before I did it, but I was still at the beginning stages of my blog because I had only started it in August which is a good thing so I always would recommend switching sooner as opposed to later. In the end though, you have to do it when you can. I know you work and have a family so if you really want to get it done quick, I know someone who could give your design a facelift if you want it and transfer for you so quickly and seamlessly. Happy New Year to you love as well! xoxo

  • I love that you just want to keep on doing what you have been doing. Seriously, think you might be onto something and thank you for linking up and sharing with us!! :)
    My recent post Happy New Year ~ My Blogging Goal for 2014 with FTSF

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks, Janine. I wondered how people would see this because I know for many a blog is a business and businesses have to write down goals usually. I think people making goals isn't so bad though. I just prefer to do things this way so I don't get my list of priorities messed up :)

  • Hi Brittnei! Happy New Year!! I can't imagine moving withing a 2 week period. Hope you're settled and happy :)

    • Brittnei Washington

      Hi Lydia! Oh we are more than settled. That move happed when my son was almost 3 months old a year and a half ago now. :) We've been in Arizona since 2012. Happy New Year to you as well, darling! :)

  • tamaralikecamera

    I'm with you – making money is not a goal. I have photography for that. Building this is so much fun, just the same.
    I struggled with the resolutions posts too. I almost didn't do any, but thought it would be fun to make year goals, instead of wider lifetime goals. I have both, of course.
    My recent post Looking Back and Looking Ahead.

    • Brittnei Washington

      I think I might be starting something in the near future that will be helping a business my husband is joining soon. It may be another blog that I contribute to or help with website maintenance or something. That will probably be something that pays so I would possibly know what you mean with having something like photography on the side. Either way, meeting people and getting to know them in the blog world is what helps keep my blog growing and helping me to find any of the opportunities I have even found thus far so I think my focus for my blog is golden :)

  • I think your goal to keep being spontaneous is perfect. I moved across the country for my job, too, and it's one of the best things I've ever done. Making real money blogging is hard. If I get a little here or there, I'm happy. SO glad that I know you!
    My recent post 2014 Blogging Goals. What they May Be, and What They Should Be.

    • Brittnei Washington

      Yea it is really hard. I see people work really hard at making money and I sort of feel like there has to be a way to work smarter and not harder to the point where you don't have to regret not finding balance with your family in the end. I can't sacrifice my time with family and things I have to do as a wife and mom so as I meet people, it is ideal for me to find smarter ways to do things to make money within my fun writing and interaction or else the extreme hard work will not be something I can ever really do to make the money…which in that case I'll be ok because I love it for writing and interacting mostly anyway.

  • Just going, and breathing, and being are excellent things! I plan because if I don't then nothing is likely to happen at all! And sometimes planning doesn't even mean it will. :)

    Living a life pleasing to God is always my number 1 priority.
    My recent post Almond Raisin Oatmeal Bowl Recipe

  • I'm looking forward to getting to know you better too, Brittnei! I'm sort of like you… spent my life with lists and plans. When I have to get something done, they are the best. But for a year plan, I'm trying to stay "open" to what lies ahead, and what doors God may be inviting me to walk through. Wishing you and your family many blessings in 2014!
    My recent post Coping With Misadventure

    • Brittnei Washington

      Yea I agree with you here, Seana. Like if we do move into a house, I may find it helpful to have a to do list of things that I want to get in it. Or when I start my garden I can see how doing that will help a newbie like me for sure. A year is a long time to make goals for. I hadn't even thought of it that way. :)

  • If we need more money in our family, I'll go back to what I was trained to do…teach! I'm with you on that.

    • Brittnei Washington

      That's awesome to hear, Jean. I know I hear that a lot of teachers that don't make that much money but I know the important thing is that they love what they are doing and I guess it isn't impossible to make decent money teaching. Some schools actually pay nicely. :)

  • This is perfect, Brittnei! Absolutely perfect! I am so glad that I have gotten to know you here and here's hoping for the best for all of us in 2014, one day at a time!
    My recent post My blogging goals for this year are…Finish The Sentence Friday

    • Brittnei Washington

      Thanks so much, Sandy. I know it is a bit different, but I love how all of my readers totally understand my way of plunging ahead into the new year. :)

  • Your goals are realistic and grounded, Brittnei – you have a good head on your shoulders :) I feel the same way about making money – I don't want to write to make money, so if an opportunity doesn't feel genuine to me, I won't do it. I feel fortunate to be able to do what I love without being stressed about it paying!
    My recent post Oh, what a year

    • Brittnei Washington

      That is definitely something to feel fortunate for. I know we aren't rich, but I have seen posts from bloggers feeling pressure to make money to help provide for their families and it does make my heart go out to them and be more grateful that in my house, I'm not in that position.

  • Chris @HyeThymeCafe

    Wow! I can see deciding to take up that job opportunity, but I don't think I could ever manage to pack up and move in just two weeks! I completely get what you mean though about taking it as it comes. Like they say, life is what happens while you're busy making plans. You just never know what will pop up. [#FTSF]

  • Hey, HUGE respect for your spontaneity. That's amazing. And I'm so glad that you're priotitising the RightNow (and that you have such a wonderful RightNow to put first). Awesome FTSF post.

  • I'm with you on the blogging – before I ever started blogging I thought I might want to try and make money doing it but now I just love the blogging community and want to continue developing relationships with other bloggers.
    I love the way you live your life – the example that you set for others is amazing. As I've gotten older, I've gotten to the point that I'm willing to just let things happen (more than I used to be) – I know that I'm not the one really in charge anyway!!!
    My recent post Well, the Break Is Over but There Is Still Plenty to Enjoy!!!

  • I am such a planner, I plan so much that I don't even know what to do with myself. I need to be more care free and accept things as they come. I am certainly going to work on that for 2014! Blogging is fun for me, when I write it is really like therapy. So happy I was able to meet you!
    My recent post Friday Fitness Check In: Adios Holidays, Bring On The New Year!

  • Gracielle from

    This post is like a breath of fresh air since I've been reading all the resolutions, goals, and one word resolutions across the blogosphere. I haven't done a post like that yet because I'm torn – like I don't want to put pressure on myself to blog this many days a week or increase my page views by this much because it would take the fun out of blogging! I just write to document my kids' lives, share ideas, and connect with others. I agree, it's good to have core values to live by day-by-day – and everything else will just fall into place. Happy New Year, Brittnei!
    My recent post Holidays 2013 Part 2: Inay’s Life Celebrated and a Twinning New Years Eve

  • This is awesome, Brittnei. The chronic list-maker and planner in me always wants to make some type of resolution. I don't think it's necessarily a "first of the year" thing, but more of an always striving to be the bigger, better version of me type of thing. Dealing with so many life changes last year, however, has taught me to take it easy and let God handle the specifics. As for blogging, I'm gonna just keep doing me!

    I wish you and your family much love and many blessings in 2014 and beyond, love =]
    My recent post #AskAwayFriday with Tia, the Chic SAHM

  • I absolutely adore this post & LOVE you!!! Thank you for sharing it with #LOBS. I didn't (nor do I ever) create goals each new year… I have to look at it in smaller portions to get it accomplished, just how my brain works… XO.
    My recent post Ladies Only Blog Share Party!!! Best of 2013: the year in review!

  • Ila from He Has MS

    I didn't really create a resolution list either. I feel like I've been doing the homemaking thing all wrong- and for that reason… I feel like I've been very discouraged lately. So, I'm just trying to get my life under control again, the way that God has it laid out for me. My goal list is HIS goal list for me. Other than that, I am just organizing my home/life/and blog. It's not really a resolution, just something I'm already 'supposed' to be doing.

    My recent post Blog Makeover. Thoughts/Suggestions?

  • :) What makes me smile about this post is that it shares some very similar themes with the post I wrote about what I want out of life yesterday. I am a list-maker, for sure, I like to know what tasks I ought to do on a certain, but I’m learning ever more to be content with living well in the life I’ve been given. Right now Angel’s and my future doesn’t look like it did a year ago–but I’m excited about the opportunities that will come!
    Rachel G recently posted…What Do I Want Out of Life?My Profile
    Rachel G recently posted…What Do I Want Out of Life?My Profile

  • I am a list person, and I love making resolutions. My husband isn't–he's more spontaneous, and I LOVE that about him. We recently had three weeks to move for a job, and it was a liberating experience for a planner like me.

    Visiting from LOBS weekend! Happy New Year!

  • K. Elizabeth @ YUMM

    Happy New Year! I put more focus on bettering my relationship with God last year and did a Bible 365 Challenge. It was the best thing I ever did because 2013 was quite the challenging year for me. I felt so low in my faith but reading my Bible and then recapping what I had learned on my blog helped me to get back on track. I definitely don't try to plan every minute because it's nice to be spontaneous and have make those spur of the minute decisions sometimes.
    My recent post 500 Strong

  • Thank you for sharing. I like your take on it. I'm not sure what my blogging goals are for 2014 but I just keep trying to see opportunity and take advantage of it. I look forward to seeing where it takes me :)
    My recent post Where to Eat Sushi in San Diego – Harney Sushi, Old Town

  • Beautiful and simple. I have lists because, quite frankly, I'm a list creator. I don't know how to operate without lists and I feel somewhat lost without them. That doesn't mean that I complete them, but it allows me to get all of the noise out of my head onto paper. As I try to live in the present, the lists help me do that because I never have to think of what I forgot or missing. I appreciate the ability to just live day to day. I really wish I could.
    My recent post Rock on With Crock ON!

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